Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tea Party and Creative Attempts

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My mom has decided to start a cute tradition with Ella to have an annual tea party and she wanted to start it this year. I think it's a great tradition, however, this year it was a little bit of a beating. Ella was not loving the boas and beads, the hats and tea set, quite like we had imagined. Really all she wanted to do was run around and chew on the tea set. Getting her to sit and take cute pictures was almost impossible, but we still were able to get a few super cute ones and I think Ella had a good time, especially after we let her let lose and run around, which is what mattered.

4 Generations!! My Grandma Holloman, My Mom, Me and Ella!

The day before the tea party, my mom showed me the tea set she bought and it's a paint it yourself tea set. She was worried that she was going to make it look bad with her painting, so in my attempt to make her feel better, not out of my confidence to paint something remotely good, I told her I would do it. Since the Mavs where playing their inevitable last playoff game, I knew I would be up late and have the time. My last memory of painting anything was when I was in preschool and I was painting a rainbow and the teacher got mad at me for putting to much paint on the canvas and letting it drip down. Really? I was THREE! If I knew that teacher's name, I might have to send her a mean letter about how she is not a good teacher and send her a picture of my latest and only art work:


The Sanders House said...

These are some great pics! Who cares if she wanted to chew on the tea set. It was worth it!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Those are the cutest pics in the history of the world! Great job on the tea set! I'm a little sad since I will probably never have a daughter to do tea parties with, so I'm gonna have to pump myself up for backyard campouts. Seriously, those are some cute pictures.

Becca said...

So cute! I am impressed with your artistic ability Janelle!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Your mom has started an adorable tradition! And super cute painting on the tea set! if you find out that teacher's name...let me know...I may have to have a word with her on your behalf!