Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Bachelor

I still have not claimed a favorite. A few episodes ago, I claimed that Amber was my favorite, but boy was I wrong about her. I'm hoping tonight allows me see one of the girls shine so I can share the excitement of supporting the girl I like and hoping for her the win.

The Infamous Overnight Dates: Will they except the fantasy suite?

Each overnight date this season is happening in Andy's hometown, Hawaii. There's really no other reason to go anywhere else.

Andy first spends a little time with each girl showing them the monuments of Pearl Harbor. This is the first time I have been really envious of these girls. This would be such an amazing thing to experience. I would love to see the history of Pearl Harbor and see where this tragedy took place. I think each girl appreciated it like they should.

The First Overnight Date: Tessa
They are spending their date in Kauai! Uh, jealous! They started with a zip line. Andy said he loved this tom boyish side of Tessa. So far things are going great. They have shared some very romantic moments.

Okay...I must pause for a moment and vent. The previews made it sound like Tessa was really going to struggle with excepting the "fantasy suite". But when that moment actually came during the show, there was NO STRUGGLE! She excepted immediately! What the heck? The editing of this show is out of control sometimes. ABC I am not happy with you right now.

Overall, it went well. Tessa still seems like she is holding back though. There's something there that isn't right.

The Second Overnight Date: Danielle
Her date has started out awesome. They got to go whale watching and dolphin watching. Then snorkeling. Fun!

Danielle tells Andy about this time she went to see a psychic. *huh?* She told her that her college boyfriend who passed away would not be the one for her. But that the 3rd guy she fell in love with after that would be the one. That third guy is, drum roll...Andy. WHAT? I can't believe it? Well, it just must be then! I mean if her psychic predicted the THIRD guy she fell in love with is the one, then we can just end the show right now and get Tessa and Bevin on that first plane home.

That night at dinner, Andy surprises Danielle with a psychic reader. What will she say I wonder? Okay, she was using regular playing cards. Don't psychics usually use terra cards? Is that just my extreme inexperience with psychics?

Next is the "surprise" invitation to use the "fantasy suite". Will she except? Of course.

My friend Linsey just called to chat about the show. She thinks, without a doubt, Danielle is going home. In fact, she added that she thinks he has only kept Danielle around because he has to give out a certain number of roses and she happens to be better than the other crazies he had to choose from. I can agree with that opinion.

The Third Overnight Date: Bevin
She shows up nice and perky, sporting her pink Jansport backpack, ready for a day of hiking and kayaking.

After the intense waterfall make out session, he declared that the ABC producers "saved the best for last". He is always saying things like this to her. Could it be he is saying those same promising remarks to all the girls, but the editors are leading us to believe he is just saying them Bevin and she is the one? Back off editors. Remember I am not happy with you.

My friend Linsey is afraid they are going to get hepatitis with all the underwater kissing! I think they might need to worry about getting something else with all these "fantasy suite" dates.

Bevin and Andy that night attend a luau. Bevin belly dances for him and he thinks it's hot. But Andy gets to the tough questions and asks her again about her divorce. Although he questions her, he says he appreciates her sincerity.

Now that all that's over, let's get to the "fantasy suite" invitation. For the first time, I appreciated Bevin's response! I can now declare who my favorite is. It is Bevin all because of what she said when she excepted the invitation. She said, they know the passion is there, but they need to discover the other aspect of a relationship if she is going to except the invitation.

The Rose Ceremony
This is tough even for me. Usually at this point, there still is a girl in that I can't stand. But it's different with this season. I really like all three of these girls. I have no idea who Andy is going to take to the final two. Let's watch and see.

First rose goes to: BEVIN!

Second rose goes to: TESSA!
I guess Linsey was right, Danielle is going home. And I guess that means her reliable psychic was wrong. "How could that be?" Janelle says facetiously.

Andy walks Danielle to the limo and she is handling herself very well so far. As the limo pulls away we see tears from not only Danielle in the limo, but also from Andy.

I have to stop here and shamefully admit something. When I was in high school, I had my palm read. I didn't go out of my way and go to a palm reader and I sure as heck would never have paid for my palm to be read. I was on a gymnastic team my freshmen year and our coach was also a palm reader. I know, could this story get any better? So he told me as he was reading the wrinkles on my palm, that I would meet the man I'm going to marry by a creek in a park. I thought great, that's romantic. Well, I sure did meet the man I'm going to marry, not by a creek in a park, but freshmen year speech class at DBU. No park or creek in sight.

Previews for next week: Are they not doing a Women Tell All episode?!! Please say it isn't so? That could be my favorite episode of the season. Maybe there just wasn't enough drama this year to justify it. But seriously I need to see how crazy Amber's doing. And Stephanie that thought she had it in the bag. ABC producers, you have so not made me happy with this episode. This is strike two.


wetherell said...

seriously.... Bevin just said all that "fantasy suite" crap just so she wouldnt look bad...she is so fake, that was totally all an act.

Janelle & Ella said...

You're probably right Corey. I'm sure they didn't do much exploring of the other aspect of their relationship. She's still my favorite over Tessa though.

Amanda said...

My friend Linsey is afraid they are going to get hepatitis with all the underwater kissing! I think they might need to worry about getting something else with all these "fantasy suite" dates.

So funny! You're giving Lincee a run for her money!

FordeFam said...

Mountain Creek Parkway? Yikes...sorry. Came to mind.