Wednesday, May 23, 2007

After The Rose!

Who loved Bevin even more after last night's After The Rose show? Me, me, me! She was so gracious and understanding!! They should make her the next Bachlorette.

The Bachelor producers brought back the exact bachlorettes I wanted them to, Amber, Stephanie and Danielle.

Amber was still heart broken, no surprise there.

Stephanie was VERY surprisingly decent. She even admitted that her one regret was how badly she talked about the other girls to Andy, which was the main reason for her dismissal.

Danielle was still as sweet as ever.

My stomach knotted up with neausea as soon as Tessa came running out for the big reunion. I just am not getting a good vibe from her still. But they seem happy. It's really only because I'm still bitter over it all. I'll get over it soon.

Seeing cute pregnant Trista made me so happy!

I am already ready for next season's! It's been fun!!


wetherell said...

Bevin makes me throw up.....she is so "skanky".....that's what i have to say about that! Tessa rocks my world, so calm and collected!!

The Sanders House said...

I was all excited about Tessa until I realized that she was the muffin joke girl!!! I could not remember the whole season who that was and I thought for sure she was booted off the first round. That makes me think Andy is kind of corny. (and Tessa for the matter)

Jamie said...

I'm so mad I missed this After the Rose show. When did this happen and why did my TIVO not pick this up!!!!

I liked Tessa best but would have been happy with him picking Bevin too. I hated how he was so sappy with Bevin as she was getting kicked off. It was as if he wished he could have both.

I love this show too and still am baffled each season with how corny and cheesy it can be at moments. How they all fall in love so quickly and are okay with their man dating all the other girls!!!

I am excited for next season though!