Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day to me is not really much of a celebration in my head for me being a mother, maybe because it's still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I am actually a MOTHER! Some days I still feel so overwhelmed with my inadequacies to actually feel like I am doing good. Like last night when she woke up every hour crying, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then woke up this morning feeling fine, after she spent half the night on the couch wrapped up in her daddy's protective arms. But then I think about how far Ella and I have come and how much we have learned. It's really unbelievable.

Last year's Mother's Day was very exciting. Ella was dedicated at our church by my grandfather, so my whole dad's side of my family came in town. Looking back at last year, I see myself still so naive about certain things, but so grown up. In reflection on the last year and 3 months, we had a wonderful day in celebration of my mother and of Ella.

I've learned since becoming a mother how much I aspire to be the type of mother that mine was to me. My parents sacrificed a lot so my mom could stay home with me. Even as a young child, I can remember being grateful that my mom was at home waiting for me when I walked in the door from school, the big hug, the snacks. I remember being grateful and still am that she never ever had to miss a single event in my life. She was at every tee ball game, every piano recital, every football game I cheered at, every basketball I sat on the bench at. She was the one I ran to as a child and into adulthood for comfort when I wasn't feeling well. It still amazes me how much a mother's touch can make everything better. She is the one that made my bed every single morning. My mom had this philosophy that I worked so hard in school and in after school activities, that I shouldn't have to come home and work more. She spoiled me to the max. This is what I want to be for Ella and I've had the best example to learn from.

Today, in celebration, my parents, Ella, Heath and I went on a picnic! Ella loves the park and I love picnics so it was the perfect thing to do.

Ella and Daddy were high fiving on the swing!

Such a big girl!

We were having a slide race. Ella and I beat daddy because he jumped off the slide halfway down due to the 3rd degree burns happening to our skin. I sacrificed though and Ella loved it! Now somebody pass the aloe.

My mother's day gift from Heath was perfect! A few months ago, Heath and I moved into our first house. We do not own this house, but it's our first one. We have lived in apartments since we got married, fabulous apartments, but they were apartments. Now we have a great backyard (which I am most grateful for because I know longer have to walk our dog 4 times a day). I have been begging Heath to help me plant a garden. I have never ever in my life planted a garden or anything really. I know ZERO about it. Me working in the yard would be like Heath going shoe shopping for me. It's unthinkable. Until today...Heath bought me a garden! Heath worked on grounds at DBU for a couple of years and knows lots and lots about trees, grass and flowers. He educated me very well as we strolled up and down the many rows of flowers at Lowes. Heath told me to pick out what ever flowers I wanted, so naturally I picked the flowers based on their color, like pink. But he helped me coordinate them with a litle variety besides pink.

Here's what the slice of land looked like pregardening. Pretty bare. We sure got our hands dirty. We were on our knees pulling weeds, tilling (like I knew what that was a week ago), and resoiling. I know so much now. I love learning a new task.

My sweet hubby planting the flowers. He has a great eye for things like this, unlike me, which is why we are perfect together!

Ta Dah! It looks like a slice of pizza...or heaven! And this is just the beginning. Now that I know how to do it on my own, I don't have to wait for Heath. Ella and I are going to spend some great times at Lowes.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Happy Mother's Day, Janelle! You're such a great mom to Ella! I have loved seeing her grow, especially since her birthday. They are just changing so much. You need to frame that picture of you guys on the slide. Your pizza garden is too cute! Heath needs to give the Joneses a tutorial.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love your garden and your picnic! So sweet! You are doing such a good job as a mom, and Ella is so blessed by you and Heath!

FordeFam said...

How fun!!! Glad your Mother's Day was great!!! We are in our first rent house as well!!! I too am loving the space and the backyard and the grass and the ability to have little plants!!! :) You guys did a great job!!! I think I want to do that! Our plants are still in pots, except for the little raspberry bush that Lee planted, and the family before us put in some Cannas, which are beautiful! ;)