Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I can't believe we are already down to our final two!!! Right now (since I never watch a show in live time) I am alternating between typing and voting for Blake. Plus, I am still extremely bitter that Melinda is not a finalist!

The two finalists are singing three songs tonight. First song is Idol's choice of a song they have already sung, so obviously the best song they sang all season. Second song is the Idol's choice, but it must be a song they have not performed previously. And the third song is the song that was written for the American Idol winner's first release.

Song #1
Blake: "You Give Love a Bad Name" It was even better than the first time. This is without a doubt my favorite song of all the idols for the entire season!!! This is the song that makes me LOVE Blake so much, think he should win and is the reason why I am voting for him right now.

Jordin: "Fighter" Her voice sounded great. As a performer though I think she is lacking and that probably has a lot to do with that she is ONLY 17! I agreed with Simon though, I also felt her vocals sounded a little shrieking at times.

Round One goes to Blake.

Song #2
Blake: "She Will Be Loved" I agreed with Simon again. I didn't think it was the best choice for Blake for the finals. It was really good, but not blow me away good, which is absolutely necessary at this point.

Jordin: "Broken Wings" Same with Jordin. I definitely did not agree totally with the judges because they were giving her much praise. It was a little better than Blake this round, but it still did not blow me away.

Round Two is a tie for me.

Blake: "This Is My Now" The song that is brand new, written just for the Idol winner, is always a good chance to really be able to see the capability of the singer. We have no point of reference. I thought he did a great job! Like Simon said, Blake doesn't have the better voice, but he is a better performer.

Jordin: "This Is My Now" Already it's better than Blake's, but that's because this song fits her voice exactly. It's kind of not fair. She did an AMAZING job! The song was flawless. But if they had written a song made for Blake's voice, she would not have done as well. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Jordin was unable to finish the song because she became overwhelmed with emotion. I wish I could be moved by her tears. If I wasn't such a die hard Blake fan I would have been crying right along with her. Is everybody totally disagreeing with me right now?

Round three goes to Jordin.

All week I thought for sure that Blake was going to win. However, after Jordin's last song and the judges comments on her last song, I think Jordin just won it, even though I've already voted for Blake 20 times. I'm pretty sure she's got it what with the chatting fans and all. She did a great job and she will be a great American Idol.

What do y'all think? Who did you vote for?

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The Van Fam said...

friend of Amanda's and enjoy your blog as well...

I totally wish Blake would win! He's an AMAZING performer and such a cutie pit in a not gorgeous kinda way!! I loved his first song and I really liked his second song. I think he sang Maroon 5 pretty darn well!

I do think Jordin won it, but I kinda think she should. She's kinda the face of AI. Plus, I think Blake will go A LOT farther being on his own rather than being tied to the AI label for a year! He's gonna be scooped up sooo fast!!

We'll see tonight! Just had to comment! Love your live blogging!