Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Bachelor

Have I said that I love that every show of the Bachelor this season is an hour and a half? I don't feel like I need more like I have when the 60 minutes were up in previous seasons. Is that pathetic?

Home Town Dates!!

The first hometown date is with Bevin in Seattle. Andy's first words out of the car when he saw her was "I'm in heaven with Bevin!" His cheesiness is surprisingly not puke inducing.

Bevin still has not spilled the beans that she has been divorced. But here we go: I think she told Andy in a well thought out way. Andy was obviously shocked. He appreciates her honesty. He acts as if he is okay with it, but we see in his private camera time that he is worried about this past of hers and wondering how seriously she views marriage.

Okay, the moment between Bevin and her dad was touching! Usually when there are tears involved with these girls, I want to laugh. But this was different. I love Bevin's family! They seem so normal. They conveyed so much how they love each other and love Bevin. Her father is the sweetest dad in Bachelor history in my opinion.

Two thumbs up with this home date.


2nd home date is starting out similar to the first. Same running hug, coldness, but no cheesy line, so far. What rhymes with Danielle?

So I was thinking, this is a pretty boring family! Sweet, but boring. Then all of the sudden, to my huge surprise, they headed downstairs to where they hold the fun. Her dad jammed on the drums, the girls were belly dancing. Who is this family?

One thumb up, one thumb down.


3rd home town date. More running hugs, more cold. The difference: immediate fun! Snow ball fight.

Hard ball questions: "Is there anything the other women possess that you wish Tessa possessed?" Wow. Andy answers that it's her lack of affection. As of right now, Andy is thinking this has been a tough date and thinking that they are skeptics and quick to judge the process.

If I was Tessa, I would not be happy with my "best friend." She is asking such hard questions and making things awkward. Really, is she just trying to get camera time?

Tessa's father tells Andy in the kitchen that she is just going on the Bachelor for "fun". Andy is having serious doubts. He decides to confront Tessa about this. Tessa tells him that she naturally questions this process, which she doesn't want to do. So Andy establishes with her AGAIN how much he likes her and she is across the board what he wants. Give him a kiss Tessa. This would be a good time to show that affection. Good job girl. And he tells her he wants to fall in love with her!!

One thumb up, one thumb down.


This is the date we have all be waiting for, not because we finally got Andy to Texas, but because of the drama the show has given us peeks of since last week. Let's see how it unfolds!

She starts the date by showing Andy her class room and then she gets to see her students for the first time. There are lots of tears, which are very sweet!

We are now finding out with Andy that Amber's parents are so unsupportive of this that Andy is not going to be able to meet them. So then she tells us that he was supposed to meet her Aunt and Uncle instead, but now he can't meet them either because they can't make it. Why can't they make it? What do they have going on that is more important than supporting their niece and meeting The Bachelor? I am in such awe of this unsupportiveness.

So Amber takes Andy to the next best thing, her apartment to meet her dog and her roommate. This is one of the most awkward hometown dates so far. Not because Amber's family couldn't take time out of their schedules, but because of her roommate! Seriously, Amber, he doesn't HAVE to meet somebody. If you had the choice between him meeting nobody and him meeting your roommate, go with the nobody.

But what's this...a setup by the Bachelor producers possibly? The door bell rings. I wonder who it could be. It's Amber's Aunt!! Surprise, surprise!

2 thumbs down. Who could be going home?

The Rose Ceremony

Tessa gets the first rose.
Bevin gets the second rose.
Chris Harrison "This is the final rose of the night."
Danielle gets the final rose.

Our Amber is going home. No surprise there. I feel bad for her! She is so sweet, but it was just to awkward of a date without family to meet. I know she is probably more heartbroken over her family than this silly show or I sure hope she is. Maybe her parents and her can reconcile their differences now that she is no longer on the show. Wow...she is really sobbing in the limo. This is hard to watch. The sobbing, and cussing, total emotional breakdown. I must say, Andy made the right choice, especially after the limo scene.

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