Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DWTS - Who's The Winner?

Please, please, please be Apolo!!! I have definitely had some disagreement on my opinion of Apolo being the best. I am certainly biased, but I really do think he deserves it.

At the start of the show, each couple got to choose one of their previous dances to dance again for the judges. The judges are actually judging them on this dance and the score they get tonight is combined with their scores from last night in determining who gets cut first.

Apolo: They picked their pase doble. It was a great choose for them because it was amazing then and it was amazing again tonight! I love the music they picked out for this song! Perfect Score: 30!

Joey: They picked their tango. It was the Star Wars inspired dance. This is maybe one of those dances that is technically great, so great if the judges are scoring you. I honestly didn't remember this one. On the entertainment side it was a little boring. The judges loved it! Perfect Score: 30!

Laila: They picked their mombo. Even watching her now, I am amazed at her gracefulness! It's remarkable. Who would have thought? The judges loved it! Perfect Score: 30! Which totally voids the judges opinions.

The first cut: I'm so nervous!! Laila is cute. HUGE SIGH! It was just who was expected really to be third. How amazing she was, however I think we all knew in our hearts it was going to be between Joey and Apolo in the end.

This Is It: Who will it be?!! After 10 weeks...the champion is...APOLO, APOLO, APOLO!!!!!!!! OH YEA, IT'S APOLO!!! YAY APOLO!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

yay! Apolo!

Rebecca Shelton said...

I will say that Apolo was my LAST choice.
Laila first, just because of Maks. Wooeee!! He is nice to watch. Then Joey (he really is a great entertainer.)
And then Bandana head. Oh, I have heard speculation that there might be something going on with him and Juliann. Hmmm. Greg said I should get a blog, that I would be good at it. I said I'll blog when I get pregnant or get a baby. We're working on it! I could blog the 9 months journey. That would be interesting. I'll keep you posted!

Breathing His Joy said...

Just hopped over here from another blog! I was so excited to find someone who loves DWTS! So excited for APOLO! I'll be checking in!