Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AI - The Final Three

First Song: Judges' Choice

Jordin - "Wishing On a Star" Simon choose this song for Jordin. I had never heard this song before so I had no frame of reference. They all thought it was good. Simon did not like it as much even though he choose it. He said he didn't like the jazz style arrangement of it.

Blake - "Roxanne" Paula choose this song. This was another song I had never heard. Wait a second, I have heard this song, it's just a different arrangement. Kind of weird. Blake's voice sounded as good as ever though.

Melinda - "I Believe In Miracles" Randy's choice. PERFECT choice for her! Melinda wins this round, hands down. (I totally wrote that before Simon said it!) Totally goosebump inducing.

Second Song: Producers' Choice

Jordin - "Works Hard for the Money" This was a good choice for her! It was a bit karoake, but I actually enjoyed it and wasn't bored. All judges agreed it was terrific.

Blake - "This Love" Could there be a better choice for him? NO! This was fantastic! I am loving the producers' choice for him. They are doing a much better job than the judges.

Melinda - "Nutbush City Limits" What is this song? No idea. I thought the title was Not Bush City Limits, but I knew that made no sense so I had to google it to find out what she was saying. What is wrong with me that so far I have only known 3 out of 6 of the songs?

This is tough who took this round. It's between Blake and Melinda. Simply because the Maroon 5 song was SO perfect for Blake, I got say he won Round Two.

3rd Song: Idol's Choice

Jordin - "I Who Have Nothing" Gorgeous dress! She did it right!! This song was amazing!! Perfect for her. That high note...I still have goosebumps just thinking about it. I don't think Melinda or Blake can beat this one. Did I say how gorgeous her dress was?

Blake - "When I Get You Alone" His jam session in his video was amazing! Mixing it up with sir mix a lot and his beat boxing was one of the coolest things I have heard. The song was incredible. Blake knows how to pick the perfect song for his style.

Melinda - "I'm a Woman" I thought Jordin had this round in the bag, then came Melinda. Simon said he gives her the award. I think after the judges comments, we all agree Melinda should be the winner.

What do y'all think? Who do you think will be in the final two?


Lolly said...

Hi Janelle,

I think it will be Melinda and Jordin. What about you?

Julie said...

Hi Janelle,

The more I think about it, the more I think it will be Jordin and Blake. Melinda is the best singer, but I don't know that she has the charisma to get the votes. ??

Jerry said...

Hi, Janelle,

Melinda's last song was amazing. I watched her five times. Three times before dad got home and twice with him. I love all three but Melinda is my favorite.


Lolly said...


I was so sad last night for Melinda. She is so much better than Blake (in my opinion), but she handled herself with such humility and grace. :(