Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol

Does it make me a musical idiot that I had no idea who in the world Ryan was talking about when he said the guest musician is Barry Gibb? Was I the only one? Please no.

Song #1

Melinda - Judges were NOT impressed. I agree. It was not mind blowing, incredible which it has to be at this point! I'm so disappointed. Simon just said they are singing a second song, please be better. I would be heart broken if this was the last night for Melinda.

Blake - Okay...because of our power outage last week I did not get to talk about the incredibleness that is Blake!! I am a HUGE Kelly Clarkson fan. I still believe that nobody can belt it like she can. BUT Blake almost took the prize for my favorite American Idol performance ever, just under Kelly's "Natural Women". Seriously, I can't even delete last week's show from my tivo because I loved it so much I want to watch it over and over. It will be close to impossible for him to top that.
Which brings me to tonight's performance...I couldn't tell when Blake was singing and when the back up singers where singing. The beat boxing did not work. It was like he was just fitting it in somewhere to fit it in because everyone loved it so much last week.

LaKisha - She looked great tonight in her black and white shirt! She was so into her performance tonight, ousing with passion. This is what I don't understand. The judges are saying these songs don't need to be changed, they are good the way they are. But I thought they were supposed to make the songs "their own". Either way, the song wasn't great.

Jordin - Already loving the song and she is just in her pre-singing video! Definitely the best so far.

Song #2

Melinda - A million times better than the first song! Showed off her voice to the max!

Blake - So so so so so much better! His voice sounded great. His beat boxing was subtle enough to where it didn't sound forced like the last song.

LaKisha - Sure it was good. She's never bad, but it was so boring I actually stopped listening at one point and started reading a friend's blog.

Jordin - I'm not sure what to think about this performance. It was good, but I think maybe her voice was strained. I guess two songs in one week is really taking a toll on these finalists. Please stop with the "creative" ways to hold your number up when Ryan is announcing for the millionth time how to vote. Why does that bother me so much?

Who will go? Probably LaKisha. Blake should be worried though. I need to start voting.

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