Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Bachelor - Who Will It Be?

This is it! I'm a little nervous. Right now, at the beginning of the show, I am pulling for Bevin a little more than Tessa. That could change though because I am not totally in love with her.

Tessa Meets Andy's Family

How CUTE is Andy's grandad?! I love cute grandpa's. My grandad is the cutest of them all!

Andy's mom apologizes to Tessa for not being able to stop staring at her because she is so beautiful. Mom loves her, Grandad loves her. Things are looking good so far for Tessa.

The three tough questions for Tessa were: What is your religious affiliation? Why did you choose social work? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Personally I think she fumbled on all three. The answer to the 5 years question is "with Andy." Simple!

Tessa and Andy's family seemed to mesh very well together.

Bevin Meets Andy's Family
I am nervous for her going into this! Tessa raised the bar.

So far Bevin is doing well, they are asking her about her job and what she does. She's sounding good, very interesting and then...cute grandad's head sure did pop up when Bevin mentioned her latest project of researching sexual dysfunction in women. And then Andy's mom did not offer the invitation of Bevin helping her with dinner like she did with Tessa. You could hear the crickets chirping.

Grandad asks, "Are you affiliated to a religion?"
Bevin responds, "My parents raised me in the Baha'i faith."
Grandad and Grandma, "huh?"

In preparation for tonight, last week a couple of us in my office researched The Baha'i faith so we would know what it was about when Bevin brought it up. Their essential message is unity. That there is only one God and that all the world's religions "represent stages in the revelation of God's will".

Andy's mom and grandma questioned Bevin privately and fell in love with her. The grandma told Bevin to make this happen and they will help. Sounding good!

I love that she tested her name with his. Bevin Baldwin. Didn't we all do that?!

Last Date
Bevin: A helicopter ride. Okay...why is she freaking out so annoyingly? Heath heard her from the other room and asked, "Is she okay?" Really Bevin. I think you'll be okay. After laughing nervously for an hour before boarding, then she screams like a little girl as they are flying. She finally settled down and it turned out to be very romantic.

That night at the villa, did Andy say he is in love with Bevin?!! Does that mean he is not going to pick Bevin? Those tricky editors are getting my hopes up!

Tessa: Horseback riding: That is perfect and so much fun! After that, some playtime and make out time in the ocean.

That night back in Tessa's hotel room, she completely opened up to him and told him she has fallen in love. Is that just what Andy needed to hear to make him choose her?

Does Tessa not open her mouth when she talks? It sounds like her jaw is wired shut. Tessa gave Andy a collage of their time together. Andy was so excited about it, he threw her on the bed and said over and over "I freakin love you!"

I'm so confused at this point. I really have no idea since he has now told two women he loves them. After the last dates though, I have a feeling he is going to pick Tessa.

The Moment We've Been Waiting For
Andy is in position and it's all about who steps out of the limo first. In all Bachelor seasons, but one, the girl who gets out first is the one who is being rejected.

Dang, the first girl out is Bevin. I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for her even though I knew those tricky editors were trying to fool me all season. This moment is always hard for me, it's the moment when I know that she is about to get her heartbroken, but she doesn't know yet. It's hard to watch, but isn't this the reason we do watch? I always try to detect the moment that the girl being turned down figures out in the speech that she is being turned down. She figured it out pretty quickly. Poor Bevin. I am heartbroken for her. She really had no idea. I'm so glad Andy cried and showed her how much he knew he was hurting her. Thank you Andy. Bevin showed great maturity in the limo on the way home. Yes, she cried and was heartbroken, but she didn't blow up and curse and go crazy.

I'm not really excited to watch this next scene with Tessa. I'm kind of mad that she's the girl. Why? I'm not sure. Tessa is obviously a very nice girl.

She's been stand offish the entire season. In the limo on the way there, she was sitting so calmly, showing no emotion. Maybe that's the way she handles her nervousness, but this is what Andy has been complaining about all season with her, that she doesn't show what she is feeling.
So Andy proposes and she accepts. It was a beautiful scene.

And now after 6 weeks of total commitment, we all know. And according to Andy's interviews on various shows throughout the season, he has and is still in love with this girl.

I can't wait for tomorrow night! "After the Final Rose"!! That's even better than the Women Tell All because we get to hear from the rejector and the rejectee!


Linda Darjean said...

My brother ruined it for me a couple of weeks ago. He is the t.v. king and he saw somewhere that Tessa got drunk and let it slip that she won. I kinda didnt believe him but when she kept making it to the next show i was like "maybe he is right". I guess he was :) SHe is very guarded. I kinda had a feeling that Bevin's being married before was not what he was looking for. Oh well :)

Kevin and Christie said...

Thank you Janelle!! I was so mad that it wasn't Bevin!!


Lolly said...

Glad you had a great time on your trip. Isn't it funny when you are away from your kids how you think about then at that is what your conversations is about.

Did you see the "After The Rose" show tonight? I felt sorry for Bevin. On their last date he said he loved her and I thought he made her feel like she was the one.

Anxiously watching DWTS.