Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pre-Birthday Party

Every year, (haha it's only been two years, but that qualifies as a tradition, right?) Laney and Joshua throw Ella a little birthday party! It's always a lot of fun and very special.

Here's the picture from last year! They look so young and those cheeks! Oh my word. I want to go back in time and kiss those cheeks over and over and over!

Joshua was a great helper to Ella while opening her gifts.

This precious pink dress is from Laney!

Ella was very exciteed about her new green shirt and white jeans from Joshua!!

The birthday cupcake and candle. There were no tears. Total of 2 out of her 4 birthday celebrations this year were without tears when the candle was lit and the birthday song was sung. Not too bad, right?

"Hey Laney, you have a little something on your face."

A fun thing that Joshua and his daddy do at home is stand at the front door and then race all the way down the hallway to the couch in Joshua's room. Ella jumped on board with this idea immediately!

Joshua would not race one more time without his daddy doing it with him.
"Ready, Set, Go!"

Ella was trying to give her water to Baby Gabriel! She is very motherly like that. At home, she loves to hold her baby doll in the cradle position and try to give her sips of her milk. It's precious. She'll be so good with Baby #2, whenever that happens in 5 to 7 years. :-)

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Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Precious, precious, precious!!!

Amy said...

5 to 7! : )

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

That picture from a year ago makes me want to sob!

Hillary said...

Ella has had the best birthday ever!! 4 celebrations! How fun!

MamaCass said...

5-7 years! What? These are very sweet pictures. I love the ones of Ella and Joshua racing.

Lindsee said...

I love how "excited" Ella is about her present. Too cute!