Sunday, February 10, 2008

Disney World Day 2 - Epcot!

This was the best day! This really kicked off our Disney vacation. The night before we ran in, saw Fantasmic, rode Tower of Terror and left. So we didn't get to soke in Disney. We spent this day at Epcot, which is possibly my favorite park. My family all agrees it is amazing. It's Heath's and my dad's favorite part.

Epcot not only has really fun rides, like Soarin (our favorite ride of all!), Test Track and Mission Space, it also has this huge part of the park called the World Showcase which consists of 11 countries that each have their own buildings and restaurants that represent those countries. Our goal is to eat at all 11 countries at some point. Combining our last several trips with this one, we have eaten at Mexico, Norway, Germany, China and France. For food lovers, like ourselves, it's a slice of heaven.

Eating in Germany!

This is how Ella spent everyday napping. I was SO proud of her because she adapted perfectly with no complaints. We are so thankful that she was able to take all of her naps!

Grandad and Ella dancing to the German band.

Our waitress LOVED Ella. She gave her two presents while we were there. This ginger breadman cookie and a tinker bell that lights up. She was so sweet.

The most tender moment and my favorite moment at Epcot (and really of the whole trip) was when Ella got to meet Dopey and Snow White. It was her first character to meet and we were not sure how she was going to react. It was priceless. And we got it all on video, of course.

The sweetest part was that Dopey would not let Ella walk away. There were 15 other kids in line and I was trying to be sensitive towards that and kept saying, "okay thank you, bye bye." But he would motion for her to come back. They started playing peek a boo and then this whole game of copy cat. Ella would lay on the ground and he would lay down. Ella would start dancing and he would start dancing. Ella would spin in a circle and he would spin in a circle. It really was one of the sweetest things I have witnessed!!

"I love your bow!" "I love your bow too!"

This video is so sweet of Snow White and Ella. She made me want to be a Disney Princess.
Right after Ella met Dopey in the above video, he went to take a short break. He must have told Snow White about her because the first thing Snow White says in the video is "Dopey told me all about you." Ella really stole Dopey's heart.
Also, take notice of Ella's Happy Dance at the end of the video. She performed this Happy Dance for every single character she met. It was hilarious. It was like her signature character greeting move.

I promise this is the last video (well for today) of Ella meeting Pluto.

This is how everyday ended. The picture encompasses how all of us felt and what all of us wanted to do desperately at the end of each day.

Here's a little tease of Ella's 1st haircut, which I will not reveal quite yet.


kittyhox said...

Oh. my. gosh.

AMAZING! I can't believe how she responded to them all and how sweet they were to her! Truly the memories of the lifetime.

I love the photo of the two of you - you look so happy!

Amanda said...

I am dying! These pics and videos are so much fun! Snow White was so sweet.

Amy said...

ella is so sweet! I love her happy dance! can't wait to see the reveal of the new 'do!

Mindy said...

How SWEET! Can't wait to see more!

Jill Marie said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I am so happy that it was a good experience. Ella is precious! Can you ask her to teach me that happy dance sometime? She has got some awesome moves.

Cant wait to see more pictures!

kim said...

Oh my gosh your videos of Ella are SOOO precious!!!! I can't wait to see more videos/pix and especially her new haircut!!! (:

Hillary said...

Her Happy Dance is so great! She's got moves!

FordeFam said...

Very sweet!!! I'm impressed with how well she did with the characters!!! We went to a CATS game when Zoe was that age and Zoe was very pumped about going to see the cat, but when it all came down to it she got nervous and scared and ended up crying! I'm sure her excitement about the characters made the whole time amazing! :) How cute! Glad you guys had a great time and can't wait to see the haircut! :)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Just adorable!

I'm dying to see the haircut!

Kevin and Christie said...

I love it! I love Snow White...Ella is so cute!

CrownLaidDown said...

Sydney and I watched and giggled at Dopey and Snow White and especially Ella!

What a wonderful time!!

The Sanders House said...

Those pictures are adorable of her and dopey. I hope you bought her a dopey to go home might become her new pablo!

MamaCass said...

Janelle, these videos are priceless! I love the one of her and Dopey. It made me tear up a bit. You can tell she was having a blast!