Monday, February 11, 2008

Disney World - Day 3 Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the one park I could not wait to share with Ella. It's really the one designed mainly for children (and those that think we are children again upon entering the park) and I knew she would love it. I love the magical feeling of this park! It's a very happy feeling that makes you want to skip through the park like a 5 year old, not that we would ever do that. hehe

This is the opening show to officially kick off the day at The Magic Kingdom!

Ella watched with wonderment.

Ella and Dada had to switch hats.

This was a big day because we had character lunch reservations with Winnie The Pooh and Friends to celebrate Ella's 2nd birthday which is this Friday, the 15th! Oh my goodness! And we also had reservations to get her first haircut! So I knew this was going to be a fabulous day!!

Ella's favorite ride was the tram that took us to the parks and back to our car! She got so excited everytime she saw it coming.

That morning we headed straight to Space Mountain, an awesome rollercoaster. Then rode all the rides for Ella like Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, It's a Small World, Dumbo, Cinderella's Carousel and Peter Pan! She loved every one.

She also LOVED Cinderella's Castle. All day randomly she would point to it and squeal with delight and yell "Rella's Castle"! Precious!

Buzz Lightyear!

Gotta love the Mad Hatters Tea Cups!

The people mover is a ride that gives you an inside look at a few of the rides in Tomorrow Land. Ella loved it. It was just her speed.

Grandad and Ella had so much fun on Dumbo!

The Winnie the Pooh ride is so cool! We all love it. After Ella saw this, she randomly throughout the day would say, "OH NO, Pooh stuck in a twee".

Heath's sister Cathy and mom really loved it too!

After the Pooh ride, we went to the Pooh store where Ella raked in the gifts. All she has to do is look cute and pretend to love a ride! If only it was that easy for me. Ashley bought Ella this Piglet and a Pooh and Friends t-shirt to wear at her Pooh and Friends character lunch.

While we were waiting for our lunch reservation, Ella entertained the crowd.

No kidding, she was seriously trying to do a handstand here. I don't know where she learned that.

As you can tell, Ella thoroughly enjoyed her birthday lunch!

It's Pooh!!!




We couldn't believe how upset Ella got when the waitor lit the candle on Ella's birthday cupcake. It seriously hurt her feelings. We think she thought he was hurting the candle. It was pretty funny.

We got the whole meltdown all on video.

As soon as we convinced her that the candle was okay and she could blow the fire out, she was as happy as could be and dug in!

After we lunch, we headed straight to get Ella's haircut on Main Street!

The first step, apparently, was to cover Ella in as many stickers as possible.

After Ella was fully distracted, it was time for the first snip.

The stickers didn't do the trick, so we had to implement the backup plan, a Winnie the Pooh lollipop.

Drum roll...the picture you've been waiting to see!

It makes me a little misty to see this picture. I could just die over those bangs!

She loves it. Okay really she loves the Minnie ears she got. They say First Haircut on the back! So cute.

This is a video of her haircut. It's 6 minutes long, so please don't feel obligated to watch. I just wanted to put it on here for my benefit and yours if you wanted to watch.

This is the adorable certificate she got!

The day at Magic Kingdom must end with their magical firework show!! It's truly amazing with the castle in the background! Even Tinker Bell flies out the top of the castle to start the show off.

I just realized while I was blogging tonight that yesterday and today's blogs have been written about what we were doing EXACTLY one week from today as if I was live blogging. That would be further proof of my mad blogging skills. Haha, totally kidding.

It was a fabulous day in The Magic Kingdom!!



Amanda said...

These videos are so much fun. I was laughing so hard with y'all about the cupcake and just the adorableness of her haircut and Mickey ears. It was so worth the wait for that amazing first haircut experience, was it not? I'm so glad y'all got to do this.

Krystal said...

You guys make me want to go to Disney! I am loving the play by play action of Ella! She looks just beautiful with her new do! I want more pictures!

Kristine said...

Still loving your Disney story...and Ella is so adorable. Can't wait to read more!

Linsey said...

I love her hair cut! It looks like you guys had so much fun. And your little baby is 2 years old now! Crazy!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Move over, Suri! Here comes Ella!

Adorable. I love the birthday lunch and haircut!

The Williams said...

Oh my the bangs she is adorable, love the teacups because I am a firm believer that every little girl needs to ride the teacups before she goes to Heaven, and I cracked up at the candle fiasco! You guys look like you had the time of your lives!!!

The Williams said...

Oh my the bangs she is adorable, love the teacups because I am a firm believer that every little girl needs to ride the teacups before she goes to Heaven, and I cracked up at the candle fiasco! You guys look like you had the time of your lives!!!

The Sanders House said...

Her haircut is so cute! We will need to see more pics!

Amy said...

i have watched every video and feel like i have experienced myself just a bit. i will have to get some tips when we take landry some day.

by the way i have tagged you. go to my page to see what you have to do. : ) Amy

Hillary said...

Oh my! Her haircut is great! I'm so jealous you were at DW! I went last January and loved it! I'm sure its even better through the eyes of a child!

Jessica said...

I am dying laughing at your hubby's face in the teacup! Ha! I also love that Ella got excited for the tram! : )

Candy said...

Hi! I found your blog through Jessica's and just had to comment. I also have a sweet Ella who will be 2 in March! Aren't they so much fun? I loved reading about your Disney trip. Hopefully we are going this summer! :)

MamaCass said...

I LOVE the haircut. She looks adorable.

Helen, Luke, & Kasen said...

Love the haircut! And the videos are great! Thanks for sharing all these special moments, they're just too awesome!

connorcolesmom said...

Those pictures are so precious and the new haircut just makes Ella look so grown up.
She looks like she has a GREAT personality!
What a joy!! :)