Friday, February 29, 2008

Disney World - Day 7 Magic Kingdom

This was our last day to spend at the parks and we always like to end our trip back at Magic Kingdom. We knew this would be a day that we would let Ella meet as many characters as possible. That was our goal.

There are only two ways to get to Magic Kingdom, by Monorail or by Ferry. This morning, the coldest morning we had all week, we choose to take the Ferry. We were freezing, but Heath got some good snuggle time with Ella because of it.

In line to see Minnie Mouse!!

It's Minnie!

Doing the "happy dance" together!

Next up was the much anticipated moment of meeting The Disney Princesses!
Sleeping Beauty was first.

If you watch all three of the videos, notice at the end of this Sleeping Beauty one and the end of the Cindrella one, that Ella is so excited to move on to meet Belle. It was all about Belle. So funny.

Then Cinderella!

And then the one we didn't even know Ella loved the most until that morning, Belle.

Grandad and Ella in line to meet Donald, Goofy and Pluto.

Heath's favorite stuffed animal when he was a little boy was Donald Duck, so Heath had to get a picture with him. All together now..."Ahhh"

Family photo opportunity.

Unfortunately, we didn't know the Universal Cheerleading Assocation National competition was at DW that weekend. This day happened to be their fun day where ALL 3,000 cheerleaders went to Magic Kingdom to play before their big day of competing. At first, I was secretly kind of excited because, yes in deed, I was one of those cheerleaders in my younger days. So I thought I could relive some old cheerleading moments, but alas the overwhelming amount of people in the park that day because of it made me want to run and hide. It did make me a little happy when I saw this one particular group of girls doing a stunt and taking a picture in front of Cinderella's Castle. I couldn't help but think that would have been me if our squad would have competed at Disney World, and the people walking by would have been thinking, "bless their hearts."

So with our need to escape the craziness, my dad (with his mad researching skills) quickly figured out a place we could eat lunch and get away for a while. He stumbled upon a restaurant called The Whispering Canyon at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. He called and they said they would be able to get us in at 1:00. We immediately headed that way.

You may recognize this picture of the lobby from Jon and Kate Plus Eight! It's where they stayed, which made me a little giddy because I love them so. If you don't watched this show, you really should. It will make so grateful for so many reasons.

Grandad entertained Ella while we waited for our reservation.

This restuarant was amazing. I totally recommend it for any of you going to Disney World. It's one of those kind of places where the wait staff is kind of rude, but not in a way that is disgusting. It's in the way that gives you stomach cramps because you're laughing so hard.
Another great thing about this restaurant is they have a family style meal where they bring unlimited amounts of MEAT. So if you are a meat lovin' family like ourselves, this is the place for you.

Apparentely, this is the one day thus far in our daughter's life when she actually became a meat lover. It's that Disney Magic people.

"Another rib, please!"

"Seriously, you even have to take pictures while I'm eating." Somebody (maybe it was Ella) told me in a comment that I need to have another baby so I won't take a picture for every second of the day. And I say, yes, that is true.

Okay, I know that it seems like we've celebrated her birthday 5,000 times and that we are CRAZY and have overdone it just a tad! But in my defense, okay I don't really have one. But Disney gives Birthday pins for kids to wear who are celebrating their birthday there and they get lots of attention and special treatment. Of course, the waitor saw the pin Ella was wearing, so who are we to deny deliciousness in the form of brownie...

ice cream...

and gummy worms!

After watching the nightly fireworks show, we took a moment to say goodbye to Disney World and Cinderella's Castle! *tear*

"Bye, bye Mickey."

You can send some praises up because I only have one more day of Disney World fun to report. I know that must make you happy. But I think my favorite pictures are yet to come. :-)

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FordeFam said...

Soooo fun! :) I still have soooo many more pics from our CA trip too! I should post another post of them! :) I think my favorite of all of them in this series is the one of Ella eating her corn and the most PRECIOUS expression on her face!!! LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

I love seeing Ella with those ribs. It's so funny because she is so feminine! Thanks for sharing the princess videos. How precious. Princess Aurora has always been my favorite.

MamaCass said...

I am so impressed by Ella's excitement and good mood up until the last day. I think Tobey would have been over stimulated and finished after the second day. But she was eating it all up. It must be the "magic of Disney World after all. In step with Amanda i have to say that Cinderella was always my favorite.

Thanks for sharing all the Disney posts. It is probably the closest i will get for a while. Can't wait for the last day!

Helen, Luke, & Kasen said...

I need to quit reading your DW posts 'cause you're making me want to go so badly! ;) And, yes, perhaps it's time for another baby........

Heather said...

Where's the meat eating restaurant at? Jeremy will definitely want to go there when we are there in just 2 weeks!

Love the pic of Heath and Ella! So sweet!

Lindsee said...

I am so far from tired of these DW posts. I love them, I love the pictures, and I love the videos.

I really just love your little Ella and can't get enough of her. Her little voice...oh my!!!

Angela said...

We absolutely LOVE whispering canyon. We go there often to have a fun dining experience. Just one of the perks of living in O-Town. Your trip sounds so much fun, I can't wait till my kids are old enough to go. Even though I live here and get enough of The Mouse I still want the Disney Vacation Experience. I would love to stay at Animal Kingdom.

Matt, Andrea, & Luke said...

I have loved vacationing "with" you through your blog. :) It makes me want to take Luke to Disney World ASAP!! I'm so glad you made such precious memories as a family.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Adorable that she loved Belle! I have to agree Belle is lovely!

And LOVE the picture of the Wilderness Lodge lobby.

The Preacher's Wife said...

my little girl is going bonkers over these pictures. i agree - that belle was gorgeous! you should be so proud of yourself for journaling the details of this trip.


Heather said...

So where's the all you can eat meat place at? We will be there in 1 1/2 weeks. Hubs would love to know!