Saturday, June 16, 2007

What a party!

So, my idea for Heath's party was to have some close friends over, very low key, nothing over the top exciting. Just a chance to hang out, have fun, chit chat and eat meat off the grill. WELL, it ended up being one of the craziest, funniest, chaotic and exciting nights I've had in a while. It was one surprise after another. So many unexpected things happened I must share them with you on the timeline listed below!

1. 6:00 Party begins.

2. 6:05 Still vacuuming.

3. 6:15 Friday rush hour allows guests to start trickling in.

I was so excited to spend the evening with my friends. Little did I know that so much had happened in their lives in the short time since I had seen them last.

4. 6:30p.m. We all find out that Sunni and Xavier have sold their house and have bought a new one! I am so excited for them. I know this is something they have been wanting to do for a long time now.

5. 7:00p.m. Grilling is going great! We are all eating, eating and eating all the wonderful meat Heath is cooking. Heath's new grill is a huge success!! Boys are outside doing boy things, Girls are inside talking and dealing with 5 playful babies.

6. 8:00p.m. One of the girls says, "I have something to tell y'all!" I wait with bated breath.. "I think I'm pregnant!" And there was much screaming, crying, and rejoicing!

7. 8:01p.m. Joshua comes running through the living room with his new shirt on that says "Big Brother 2008"! Melissa and Peter are having baby #2! Yes, two pregnancy announcements in the span of one minute!! I was hovering between overjoy and having my first panic attack, fearing there may be something in the water.

8. 8:30p.m. Ella is begins a serenade of screaming because her poor little bottom is bright red with diaper rash. There's really only one cure for diaper rash... naked time. Naked Ella is one of the most precious and adorable things I've ever seen. Naked Ella does however come with a down side...why is the carpet wet?

9. 8:45p.m. Ava has bad diaper rash also so the cure is administered. Sunni stripped her naked for some air time on the tooshy. What's that noise? OMG, Ava is pooing diaperless! You know how in a moment of crisis you get like super human strength or cat like reflexes, you stop thinking, adrenaline kicks in and you just react...Sunni is now experiencing one of those moments as she is catching poo in her hands. This is something only a Super Mom could do.

10. 9:30p.m. Ella is in bed, comfortable and sleeping well.

11. 10:00p.m. All guests are on their way home.

12. 10:30p.m. Heath and Janelle are headed to bed.

By the time this night ended, I was overwhelmed to say the least. None of these things have still really sunk in. Sunni caught the poo y'all! 2 of my good friends are pregnant, AGAIN! It was great!

Laney and Ella love to play this piano together!
Joshua, Ella, Jonas and Ava had lots of fun playtime together.
Heath was in heaven with his new grill.
The Boys!
The Girls! Pre-poo and pee!


MamaCass said...

What a fun night! Happy Birthday Heath. I can't believe Sunni caught the poo and I am very curious about the other pregnant lady....

Kim said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun, eventful night! Way to go Sunni! :)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

What a night. I've sterilized my hand.

Anonymous said...

funny story--came to your blog via Amanda's. Try Triple Paste for the diaper rash. My pediatrician recommended it. You can find it at a pharmacy, sometimes Target. It is over the counter but some places have it back behind the counter where the pharmacist is. The ONLY thing that would work on my little guy----we tried about 7 or 8 brands when he had a bad rash from an antiobiotic he was on.