Monday, June 25, 2007

Company Picnic

This was one of those weekends when you have SO many things on your calender that you can't possible attend them all, even though you wish you could.

We had 3 different things that we wished we could have gone too. It made me so sad to not be able to go to them, but it was not possible. Something had to give.

The one thing that was priority to attend this weekend was Heath's annual company picnic. Honestly, I wasn't looking that forward to this picnic. Earlier that week I had learned of a good friend's couple's baby shower that I never received the invitation to due to the fact that we had recently moved. AND we have Saturday service that I help out with and enjoy immensely each week at the same time as that shower, After working out how I would attend BOTH the service and the shower, Heath informs me about his company picnic which put a kink in both of those things since it was right smack at the same time as the shower and service.

After much contemplation (and Curtis being so kind to understand we needed to be at the picnic), we decided we would spend the entire evening there. I'm so glad we did because it was a lot of fun, but I was sad to miss out on the other things.

The entire time Heath and I were driving to the picnic, we kept talking about how we recognized the name of the place this picnic was at, Circle R Ranch in Flower Mound. But we could not figure out how we knew the place. Even driving onto the property it still did not click. As soon as we walked into the building, we immediately looked at each other and said Sadie Hawkins 1998! This is where Sadie Hawkins was our freshmen year in college. If you read my anniversary post about how our relationship began, then you know we were not together yet, which means we did not go to Sadie Hawkins together our freshmen year, kind of sad. I went with David Jackson, a very good friend at the time. And Heath went with another girl. In fact, I don't really even remember us talking much that day. But I still did not have a thing for Heath at this time. It came later in the summer. It brought many fun, interesting memories being back there.

Ella is obsessed with balloons. So when we saw there was a balloon man, we had to go straight to him. On the way to him though, Ella definitely tried to steal other children's balloons out of their hands.

Squeals of delight!

After eating a delicious dinner and getting our balloon. We headed to the pool.
The two little boys with Ella are Ethan and Zach, my two cousins. My uncle also works for this company so we get to spend lots of time with my aunt, uncle and two cousins at work functions.
My Aunt Natasha spent lots of time with Ella in the pool and Ella loved it.
After the pool, Ella got to have a pony ride! This was such a fun day with her.

After the pony ride, Heath starred in the company softball game and Ella and I cheered him on. Ella did not understand the concept of softball. Every time Heath came up to bat and hit the ball and run to first base, Ella was so sad that he was running away from us, she would SCREAM, "DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD" over and over. She was so upset and panicked that he was running away. It was the cutest, sweetest thing.

Ella cheering her daddy on to home plate and very relieved that he came back to us.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Y'all so did the right thing. It looks and sounds like it was the greatest day ever! I love the pic of Ella squealing over her balloon!

Joshua Murrell said...

So funny that she thought Heath was leaving her when he was running the bases. That's a cute memory that you can tell her when/if she ever plays softball!

The Sanders House said...

This brings me back! I forgot you went with David to Sadie Hawkins!! I remember I was so excited because Susan Ashton sang and she was my fav! Cute pictures!

MamaCass said...

It looks like Ella had so much fun. I bet she crashed on the way home. Great pictures!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh my goodness! What a fun picnic! I love how Ella loves balloons!

Kristin said...

There are so many cute pictures here that I can't even choose one to comment on. We missed you guys so much for a whole week. I am glad that we got an immediate Ella/Janelle fix!!