Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last week was VBS "Game Day Central" at our church. It's always Wednesday through Sunday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, every year.

This is definitely a fun, busy, crazy, exciting and exhausting week for me. Myself and another lady named Marla for the past 3 years have led the opening rally that all the kids go to together first thing in the morning. Then we teach the music class the rest of the day after that. It really is so much fun, but it is nonstop peppiness, which can really take its toll on even the most peppy.

I do love this role because I get a chance to meet every single kid. They each HAVE to pass through the music class, even if they don't want to, and it's always interesting to me to see which ones I form a relationship with throughout the week.

The major thing I learn over and over again each year with this role is humility, or really Get Over Yourself, This Isn't About YOU! I do struggle a little bit with this though.
The reasons? Here's a little preview of me the last 3 years.

Notice first, the outfits.
Notice second, the facial expressions.
Notice third, the motions.
And I would say notice fourth, the songs, if I could play the these cheesy lyrics for you. For example, "Go Boy, Go Girl, go be a witness all over the world. Recruit and tell if you have to yell. Don't sit around like a farmer in the dell recruit and tell." Case and point!
VBS 2005
VBS 2006
VBS 2007

BUT however humbling (AKA embarrassing) this experience may be for me, I have learned that the kids really do love it. They aren't judging me or the way I look. They aren't judging me for my silly motions and wide eyes and over the top facial expressions. They aren't judging me for giving my whole heart and soul to "Father Abraham Had Many Sons".

I have to remind myself of that every morning those 5 days each year and especially the Sunday morning we do the songs in front of the ENTIRE congregation. That is the real surrendering, y'all.

The week is filled with stories and songs about the God that they can ask to come into their hearts! And decisions are made each year! It's exciting! It's worth every second.

This was Ella's first year for VBS!! They originally put her and Joshua, who are both a little over one year old, with the 2 year olds because they would be doing actual VBS activities. The baby class would be mostly playing in their own way and not really doing organized things, because you know, it's difficult with babies and one year olds. After about a couple of hours,however, our preschool director decided that class was a little to rowdy for the two youngsters, so she switched them over to the baby class, which was totally fine. The last thing I want is for Ella to be pummeled by a running 2 year old during craft time with stickers. She still had a great experience I'm sure. Maybe it gives her and Joshua a sense of leadership being the oldest in their class showing the other babies how to you know sit up, walk, pick up toys, feed themselves. Or maybe not.

This was when she was still in with the big kids. Look at her sitting in a big girl chair. I was a little surprised to see this picture. She's so good. And notice the temporary tattoo she is sporting on her arm.

Joshua and Ella playing.


Amanda said...

Okay, Sporty Spice, you looked super cute in your outfit!

MamaCass said...

You know all those kids think you are the coolest! I was sad when I took Tobey on Thursday and they said they had moved Ella and Joshua but I can undertand why. It was a crazy class.

Rachael said...

All the kids loved the Go tell about Jesus song! and I loved the farmer and the dell part! you and marla do a great job every year.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Father Abraham Had Many Sons is one of my favorite songs! As a kid, we LOVED doing the motions!

Joshua Murrell said...

You are cracking me up mentioning that Joshua and Ella probably felt a sense of leadership in the baby class!

Boundbrook Lane said...

You were AWESOME!! "Go girl! R-E-C-R-U-I-T AND TELL!!!" We're still singing it. . .

Anonymous said...

Hi i noticed that you did game day central VBS, I am looking for someone who knows the motions to the song from that VBS called ONE do you know them

you can mail me back please at