Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Luvin'

Okay, so this spring I wrote a LOT about my favorite reality shows. I don't plan on doing that this summer, but I am definitely still watching.

Here's a run down of my summer viewings:

So You Think You Can Dance: This is the dance version of American Idol, so you know I love it. Some of these young dancers are so amazingly talented, the show keeps you well entertained, much like DWTS. FOX Wednesday 8/7c & Thursday 9/8c

Hell's Kitchen: I know this show has lots of cursing, but if drama is your middle name, then you must check it out. It's never ending and very fast pace. Chef Ramsay is possibly my favorite summer reality character. FOX Monday 9/8c

America's Got Talent: This show is kind of lame, but it's summer and I'm a little desperate. The thing I do really like about this show is their format. It's not your typical 10 finalists and vote one out each week. It's very different and too difficult to explain. There are some very interesting talents out there that this program showcases. NBC Tuesday 9/8c

The Biggest Loser: This is my favorite show of the summer. Of all the reality shows in the world, this one actually does some good. The transformation the contestants make is remarkable. And they say they are usually doing it for their families back home, which makes things very emotional. And it's usually full of its own helping of drama! NBC *can't find the day and time

Last Comic Standing: I will watch this show until it gets to foul for me. It can be extremely hilarious, but there's always those few "comedians" that feel like the worst possible things to say are the most hilarious, which totally ruins it for me. I don't understand that. NBC Wednesday 9/8c

American Inventor: If this show is like last year's, I'll lose interest after the first couple of episodes. But I will pick it up again during the last couple just out of curiosity of who the final inventors are and what they invented. ABC Tuesday 9/8c

Notice that I don't have any CBS shows. I'm not very happy about this because no CBS shows means NO Big Brother, my absolute favorite reality show of the summer if not of the entire year. Why CBS? That's what I want to know. Why would you run Big Brother for 7 successful summers and for no good reason just stop. You have made a big mistake CBS. You are losing millions of viewers that tuned in to the riveting drama not just once a week, but 3 days a week. Plus those die hard fans that actually paid money to register online to have constant access to the cameras in the house. Why would you want to lose all of that exposure?

Y'all enjoy your summer of shows and if I'm missing out on a can't miss show, well let me know!


Anonymous said...

I also love Big Brother too, so I just wanted to let you know that Big Brother 8 will start on July 5th! Happy Viewing!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother 8 premiers July 5th!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I love the Biggest Loser too!

Rebecca Shelton said...

I will watch some of America's Got Talent and we do like to watch Last Comic Standing. Of course, the foul people don't get our laughs, but the ones who can tell real jokes and not have to rely on filth are true comics! The other shows I don't watch.

Kim said...

WHAT? You scared me by saying there was no more BIG BROTHER, but i do see from the other comments that it comes back on July 5th...wheww! I thought my summer was going to be ruined! Yay for Big Brother! I like those shows you listed as well, but the good thing is, I dont like them so much that I would die if I missed an episode, unlike the Spring shows. :)

Anonymous said...
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