Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Shiner

Ella had never had a bloody injury until a couple of weeks ago. I am very surprised however that none of her injuries thus far have caused blood. I feel like she bonks her head constantly and has a permanent bruise on her forhead. But two weeks ago, she had not only one bloody injury but two.
Anticipating this would happen eventually, I wasn't as panic as I thought I would be. I think the reason in because I knew EXACTLY why she was crying. For the most part, having a baby that can't talk yet, usually when they cry it's a guessing game. But in the case of these accidents, I knew exactly what part of her body was in pain and I was able to come up a with a solution for that pain. It was a little bit of a relief to finally know exactly what she was thinking.

The first injury happened on a Tuesday night. Ella fell and busted her lip on Heath's new subwoofer that is on the floor. It was really really sad. Thankfully Heath was there when it happened and it really only bled for a minute and she didn't cry as hard as I had expected (or as hard as I would have if I had just busted my lip open).

Her second injury was just two days after that. She fell and busted her eye on our coffee table. She handled it very well though. She's so strong! And Heath and I were both there again to help her and comfort her.

You can kind of see the black eye (under the right eye) as a result of the bonking.


MamaCass said...

ahhh, sweet Ella. I remebre Tobey's first bloody accident. He fell in the bathtub abd busted his lip and banged his head up. Oh, I just cried along with him. I know he is a toddler and all but my goodness that boy is clumsy.

kittyhox said...

Oh, it is so sad when they bonk their heads/faces on things, isn't it?

There is nothing that is quite so pathetic as our little one with bump or bruise or scrape.

We finally moved our coffee table behind the sofa because our little guy was drawn to it like a magnet.

Thank goodness they get over their booboos more quickly than we do!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Poor Ella! Today Ava skinned her knees for the first time walking to the car. It was so sad.

Linda Darjean said...

we are having another precious girl!!! yeah. same season as hannah so the clothes will be just perfect!!!! i hope ella bella is feeling better. we are open for name suggestions :)

FordeFam said...

Awww! Poor thing!!! I am impressed that you remained calm!!! Maybe you can pass along any tips for that! Hahaha! Lenci (our middle) falls sooo much! I don't know why she falls sooo much more than Zoe did, but the first time she fell it was the day before our 2nd scheduled Family photo thing that we had planned weeks in advance! Needless to say we rescheduled! Hope she's feeling better!!! ;)