Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend. Curtis, Amanda, Jackson & Annabeth came in town!!! I am the worst friend ever and never made it down to Houston to meet Annabeth. So I have been so anxious to meet her and she is just as beautiful as all the pictures show her to be. I actually had a flashback because she looks just like Jackson did, except with a bow. Those same big blue eyes took me back to 3 years ago.

I am kicking myself that I never got a picture with her, but here is one with her & Heath.

We got to hang out with them and Xavier, Sunni, Ava & Clara on Saturday! Jackson, Ella & Ava have known each other since their first days of life and that bond is was still apparent this weekend. They love each other.

Good friends

They started right where they left off!

Our hubbies so sweetly watched the 3 older ones, so Amanda, Sunni & I could get away for lunch and actually finish a conversation. It was great catching up!

Sunni has that Floam stuff. The kids loved it.

Jackson was doing some crazy stuff with it entertaining Ava & Ella.

After the Floam excitement, they took a break to watch Monsters, Inc. It was hilarious watching their expressions.

Ella & Ava...such the Miss Prisses

Sunni ordered the most adorable cake so we could celebrate their birthdays all together.

Amanda got the girls matching outfits from Baby Gap! I love it!!

Ava & Ella ended their evening with a tea party in the bathtub.

The next morning, the Jones's came to church for a visit. Everyone was so excited to see them. Pastor John made an announcement welcoming them back. I think it took Amanda 20 minutes to get out of the nursery because there was a line of people waiting to meet Annabeth. They are so loved!
After church, we got to have lunch with the Jones's & the Calverts who we always love hanging out with and don't get the chance to enough.

It was such a great weekend!! Thank you guys for tackling a drive with a newborn and a 3 year old!! We love y'all!

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Melissa said...

Oh, what a fun weekend! That cake is so cute - and I can only imagine how much fun you all had with your broods. Aren't girlfriends (and couple-friends) the best?

Amanda said...

Your pictures are so fun! I might have to borrow some! We had a blast. It didn't help with my problem of missing y'all. It definitely made it worse!

Holly said...

I love friendship!! I love to see it captured in pictures--of both the young ones and the adults. There's nothing like the smile a friend brings.

Y'all look gorgeous!!
Love and prayers

Kelli said...

It looks like NONE of you guys missed a beat! What a blessed weekend with friends! How fun!

Mandi said...

These pictures are great! I especially like the ones of Ella, Ava, and Jackson playing cute!

connorcolesmom said...

Don't you just love God-ordained friendships!
There is nothing like them!
Love the pics and
the cake looks YUMMY!!
Have a great day!
Love ya

Mindy said...

I love getting with friends and picking up where we left off!
That cake is precious! As as the kids! =)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to have your group together again. I love the pictures of the 3 year olds watching Monsters, Inc. So cute!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I'm sad the weekend is over! It was so fun! And you got great pics!

Lindsee said...

I am just thrilled you got to meet Miss Annabeth and see your friends! I know the feeling of waiting to meet a BFF's baby and it is the worst. One of my BFF's had her second baby in Africa so I had to wait till she came home. It about killed me! It looks like y'all had a great weekend. And that cake is precious!

Toknowhim said...

The pictures of the kids watching Monsters Inc are adorable... So nice to see the 3 of you (friends) back together again :) The picture of the Tea Party...Priceless...a keeper :)


The Self Cottage said...

so fun! i loved the adorable cake. so glad you guys got to get good hang out time in!

Helen said...

That was so great to see! You are so lucky to have such special friends, even if they aren't close by now.