Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I'm Growin'"

This morning we had Ella's 3 year checkup. All glory and praise to God because she has not had to go to the doctor in 14 months!!!! Can I get an Amen? That is a miracle. You have no idea what a blessing financially that has been for us. So since she hadn't been to the doctor in so long, I was anxious to see her weight and height and what percentile she had reached.

Ella was only 4 lbs 15 oz when she was born. Most of her first year of life, she was only in the 3% for weight. She was just a tiny little "squirt", which is what my lactation consultant called her when she was just born.

Now at 3 years old, Ella weighs 27lbs and is 3 1/2 ft tall. Which puts her in 15% for weight & 25% for height.

Ella went through a big growth spurt a couple of months ago where she could not stop eating. She was constantly hungry and we told her it was because she was growing. So now everytime she is hungry, she says in her slight Texan accent, "I'm hungry cause I'm growin'". It could not be any cuter.

Ella did have to have one shot today, which I was so stressed out about all week. Last time she got shots, she was only 18 mths, so couldn't say a lot of words and was not fully aware of what was going on. This time was a totally different experience. It was definitely more difficult. She did very well. She cried hard for about 3 minutes, but my mom & I were there to comfort her and I bribed her with candy. LOTS of candy! And then she got to call Meme and tell her how brave she was.

Also what helped was telling her we were going to meet Joshua, Gabe & Melissa for lunch. She immediately started to cheer up.

We met them at chick-fil-a and had a great playdate. My mom hears about and sees pictures of our playdates all the time, but this was her first one to participate in. She loved it, as do we.

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Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Glad the appt went well. Our's is on Monday!
I hope I get to hear Ella say that this weekend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am a long time reader of your blog through Amanda's blog. I always enjoy your posts. Hope you will visit me when you have time...

Helen said...

Glad her check up was good!