Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Part 2

I have to go back and cover our Easter day because we had such a great one.

That morning, I was at church bright and early at 7:30 to rehearse with the praise band. We had the normal praise band, the normal choir and a special orchestra for our services. It was awesome!! It made for an amazing morning of worship!

After service, we took our traditional family photos.

Ella and my parents.

Ella and my grandparents.

The G-Force (Ella's grandmas)

4 generations! This is so special to me.

Ella refused to wear her hat, so the G-Force thought they would. Aren't they cute?

Another progression of pictures trying to get a group photo of the children!
This shot is Toby H., Ella, Karoline & Klair. Aren't they so cute in their matching dresses?

Joshua, Gabe & Bear made it in this one. I just love these kind of pictures. They are classic.

After church, we went over to my parent's house where the Easter bunny ( mom) delivered Ella's Easter basket filled with lots of fun goodies.

Ella got some flash cards in her basket and so my Grandad and Ella spent a lot of time playing with those. I LOVE my Grandad!! I know I say it everytime I put a picture of him on my blog, but I just think he is the cutest Grandad ever. And just as sweet and wise!

Heath and I got this for Ella because she loves her some Kung Fu Panda. It is the most hilarious thing ever when Ella starts doing her Kung Fu! Don't make her mad or you will suffer the wrath.

Soon after this, my Uncle, Aunt and cousins showed up. And this is what occurred for the next several hours. Mayhem.

They did stop long enough for our Easter feast! We were so blessed to have Heath's sisters and mom with us too!

The kiddie table + my cousin Tiffany.

After the delicious dinner, we had our Easter egg hunt. Since it was still gross outside, we had to do it inside.

Cousin Ethan always looks after Ella.

Every year for my birthday, my mom makes me my favorite cake in the whole wide world, her chocolate cake!! We hadn't had a chance to celebrate my birthday yet, so my mom made her cake for this day. This year she made it dark chocolate...oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The cousins pretending to take a nap.

It did not last long.

The boys love to wrestle and Ella tries to participate as best she can without getting hurt.

I think she did a pretty good job keeping up.

It was a great day of celebration with family!!

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Lindsee Lou said...

That does look like a super fun day. And you look so pretty in all the pictures, Janelle! And seriously, I am still just in love with Ella's adorable dress!

Amanda said...

Y'all looked so pretty, friend! I thought of you that morning when I saw all the Easter lillies in front of our stage and I missed getting our picture made. I'm not sure if that kind of thing would fly at HFBC!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

That cake...mmm, mmm! Looks so good!

Easter Dresses said...

The photos are cute and so is the dress!

Helen said...

That looks like the most fun Easter ever! I love your family, you guys have so much fun!