Thursday, November 06, 2008

Introducing Sam & Miles

Wednesday night, I got to go into the NICU with Kristin and finally meet her precious baby boys! It was a very special moment. I love my sweet friend and I love her sweet babies, Sam and Miles, very very much! Thank you so much Kristin. I loved every second I got with them.

This is Sam! Kristin let me hold him the entire time he was eating, so almost 45 minutes!! I loved it, Sam! You are so sweet!

This is Heath with Miles. I hogged all the time with the babies, so Heath only got to see them for a few minutes. Sorry Babe.

Me with Miles!

They are absolutely adorable and perfect in every way!

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Smith Family said...

Hey J! That is great news! You are going to make a great aunt to those two precious little boys. How is Kristen feeling? I bet worn out... after one, I can't imagine two! :) Double the joy I guess! Are they identical or fraternal twins? Anyway... we miss you guys and hope to make it up to see you soon.
~Cara and The Boys!

Helen said...

Precious little angels!!

Becca said...

So precious!

MamaCass said...

They are so sweet! I wish they were in my NICU=)

Life In Progress said...

Sam & Miles! Seriously, could those names be any cuter? Love it.

Also love your super-cute polka-dot background.

FordeFam said...

Soooo cute! How fun that you guys were able to be there with them!