Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The End of 11 Weeks

Tonight is the last night of the Precept Genesis Part 2 Bible study I have been leading for the past 11 weeks.

1. If you have never done one Kay Arthur's Precept studies, you really should if you get a chance.

2. If you ever have a chance to do her Genesis Part 1 and 2, you definitely should. It's incredibly enlightening.

It has been a GREAT 11 weeks. I've only lead 3 Precept courses and each time I get totally consumed with them. It's amazing I can keep any kind of social life happening in the midst of it. I'm sad that it's over, but it will be a nice break from the hours upon hours of studying each week that must be done to grasp how deep we look into the Word. Oh, it's SO good!

Here are some key points we covered:

Part 1 that we did last fall was all on Gen. chapters 1 & 2. We spent 6 weeks studying in DEPTH how God created the world. SO interesting.

Part 2 doesn't spend much time on that.
We jumped straight into the Fall:
If God created the world and God is good, then how did evil come into the world? Is it a sin to feel tempted? When does sin actually occur? Is there progression that leads to sin, or is there no warning? Have you ever considered what man's relationships were like before the Fall - with God, with each other, and with creation in general?

One of my favorite quotes from this study is, "Unless one grasps the full impact of the Fall, we'll never realize nor appreciate the fathomless depth of God's grace."

We even covered MARRIAGE...marriage as it was intended to be and marriage as it was impacted by the Fall.

We studied Cain and Abel:
How the guilty can be made righteous before God. How God expects man to approach him in worship?

We covered everything about The Flood:
How can a God who created man destroy Him? The controversy over the account, authenticity and accuracy of the Flood as recorded in Genesis. Naturalistic views vs. Biblical worldviews. We learned in detail how the Ark was designed. Physical evidence of the Flood. Fossils. The catastrophic effects the Flood had on the earth physically. How the earth looked pre Flood and Post Flood. Are the effects of the Flood present today?

The final thing we studied is The Nations: The fascinating insights concerning the new world that Noah and his family encountered upon exiting the Ark. How and why God scattered the people? How did all the different races arise? Decreased life spans. The repopulation of the world.

Interesting, huh? And this is just the tip of the iceberg of things we studied and learned.

Through it all, we learned that God is Creator and Provider!
God is Judge!
God is Sovereign and rules over all!
God rescues the righteous while judging the wicked!
God is righteous!

It's been fascinating, tough at times, but OH SO GOOD! I will miss this class. I can't wait until the summer when we study Genesis Part 3: Becoming a Friend of God.

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Holly said...

Praying for this, your last night of study! Well done! Well done!

And I want to say THANK YOU for our thank you card. I hope that's ok. I may be breaking some southern tradition. But THANK YOU! It blessed us so.


Becca said...

Wow. Sounds like a great study! That Kay Arthur is such a Bible diva! She challenges my socks off every time I do a Precept study.

Kelli said...

Wow that sounds like an amazing study! I have always wanted to do one of Kay Arthur's studies and I hope that I have the chance sometime!

MamaCass said...

I can't wait for the summer study either. i am glad you and jennifer are not doing your studies at the same time. it would have been a hard choice. I have loved the Genesis studies so much. Thank you for leading them!!!!

Murrell Family said...

This was a great semester of study! Thanks for being such a diligent preparer for each of the lessons. Love you!