Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Quick Recap of Thursday

Two exciting things happened today and one really sad thing.

I'll start with the sad thing:

I've never really introduced the blogging world to our dog, Jones.

A quick introduction...Heath found Jones one week, exactly, before we got married. Heath was at his bachelor party and they were golfing and this runaway dog followed Heath around all day. Heath grew attached to him and when Heath emptied a bag of chips on the ground while their golf cart was driving off and Jones jumped in the golf cart and choose Heath over the chips, Heath knew this was love. He had to have him. So we have not been married for ONE day without our precious Jones.

Now this is going to sound very funny/weird. But our dog suffers from panic attacks. Yes, I said panic attacks. They started when I was pregnant 3 years ago. It's like he could sense his life was about to change drastically and it freaked him out. He has one every single day and while they are sad, we are used to them and don't think anything about it when he has one. They usually last about 20 minutes and then he's back to his happy, normal self.

Well, this morning I was in the kitchen making Ella's breakfast and Jones was having his routine morning panic attack, but this time it was different. I looked down and he was shaking SO hard he couldn't even stand up and fell over. I ran to the bedroom and got Heath. Jones continued to shake so bad, everytime he tried to stand he would fall right back over on his side or he would walk about 3 steps and run into a wall or door and fall over. It was horrible. I was panicked. Heath got dressed very quickly and grabbed Jones and headed to the car to take him to an emergency vet, while I got on Google to look for an emergency vet clinic.

When Heath put Jones in the car, he was totally fine. He had his head out the window and was wagging his tail, totally back to normal. So Heath drove around for a few minutes and then turned around and came home. We have no idea what happened. I really don't think it was a seizure. It could have been, but he never lost consciousness or any of those things that I've seen with seizures. But it could have been. So if it happens again, we will definitely immediately take him to the vet, but for now he's totally fine.

The really exciting thing is that: *drum roll*

Ella went on her first outing today with NO diaper. She has probably been fully potty trained for a month, but I have not gotten the nerve up to take her out in public just in case "what if". But she did it today and she did great!!! So Target's aisles are still dry.

Then tonight Ella and I met, Peter, Melissa, Joshua and Gabe, and Todd, Kristin and Laney at Grapefest!! I love Grapevine and their many festivals!! I have no pictures because I forgot my camera!! GRRR. I never do that, but Melissa and Kristin took pics, so I will get theirs from them.

It was a lot of fun. The kids/adults got to eat corny dogs and dance to a Beatles cover band. Then the kids got to jump in a bounce house, which they love to do. It was a great night outside with good friends.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! We are leaving tomorrow to go see Heath's mom again. I know we were just there for Labor Day, but she's having a small reunion at her home, so we are going just for one night. It should be fun.

I am praying for you guys on the coast!! If anyone needs a place to evacuate to, let me know!

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connorcolesmom said...

Jones is so CUTE and I am so sad he had such a rough morning!!
I feel bad for you as well b/c there is nothing like being panicked over a loved one.

And when you said drum roll I just knew it was going to be a preggers announcement - hehe
Although the potty training success is HUGE!!
Have fun this weekend

Gabby said...

Hi Janelle,
It's Gabby! Long time, right? I found your blog off of Kara's blog. Your little girl is beautiful. I have 2, and the youngest was also born in Feb of "06! And we literally just potty trained her too! Yay, so nice, huh? Although we still have the occasional "oops, I peepee on the couch..." Anyway, good to check in on you!

Darlene R. said...

I think I would have freaked out too! Poor dog, poor you!

I hope you have a safe trip this weekend.
Congrats on the potty training! It's such a huge load off when they finally get it!

Kelli said...

AWW poor little Jones! Our dog Ruppert has seizures and it kind of sounds like what you described. They put him on meds and he is all better, so if that is the problem hopefully they can fix it!!

Linsey said...

Poor Jones...he misses O'Malley. You guys should still take him to the vet. Maybe he need to be on drugs!

YEA for Ella, but more importantly, YEA for Mommy! I am really proud that you took that step and your little girl didn't let you down. Good job!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Poor Jones! Please, Dog Whisperer, we need you to put him on your show!

Lindsee said...

That is so sad about Jones. I kept getting more and more worried as the story went on. Glad he's okay, though!

Have a great weekend with the family. :)

We're hunkering down!


Helen said...

Yay Ella! (And yay mama!)

pinkmommy said...

Go Ella!!!!

MamaCass said...

Poor Jones! Scooter has these weird attacks too. I think he might have asthma. But it happens when he is stressed out. He can't move when it happens. It is so sad. Glad y'all had fun at grapefest. Sorry we skipped out!

FordeFam said...

Great job with potty training!!! It's always the best when they make it in the store for the first time!!! Sorry Jones is having issues! :( Hope he's okay!!! :)