Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend In Waco

Heath, Ella and I went to Waco to spend time with Heath's family for the weekend. Ella got to spend a whole week with her Meme while Heath and I were in Africa, but it had been a few months since I got to enjoy the amenities of being at Heath's mom's house.

I did a lot of this:

I was almost successful. If only I had one more day.

Okay, we did a little more than just eat cheeseballs, however, that is my most vivid memory of the weekend.

Ella is obsessed with tents. She always wants to play tent on the couch with a blanket. And there is always a dinosaur that we are hiding from. She has an amazing imagination for such a young age. Anyway, I was telling my mother-in-law that I had to put a sheet over Ella's crib as a tent one night because she was desperate to not go to bed and keep playing tent. The sheet over her crib was very exciting and she went right to bed.

Well, my mother-in-law took it to the next level and surprised both Ella and I by having Heath's uncle build a real tent over Ella's crib in Waco!

This is Ella seeing her tent for the first time.

We also experienced a first this weekend! I cut Ella's hair ALL BY MYSELF y'all! Actually, it was just her bangs, but still. I was VERY nervous.

Check out how long those bangs are. I had been clipping them back for a few months now, but her hair is just so fine, the clip hardly ever worked.

So desperate times calls for desperate measures, because I must have been desperate to actually do something like this myself.

Ella also got to help Meme several times in the kitchen.

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Lindsee said...

Very good bang cutting job, Mama. :)

She looks so grown up and of course absolutely precious. And what a fun surprise for her to have a REAL LIVE tent over her bed. Too cute!

Darlene R. said...

She is growing so fast! I like the bangs, they are very cute! Good job!

The cheeseball pictures cracked me up! I could probably eat the whole dern tub!

Amanda said...

These are so cute! It was very fun getting to talk to Ella today. We miss her so much! Love the cheeseballs, the crib tent, and the hair cut!

kittyhox said...

I cut my two-year-old son's bangs a few weeks ago and they don't look half as good as Ella's. Do you remember the bangs look Hayley Mills sported in Parent Trap? Super, super short? My poor son. They've grown out a little, thank heavens, as pre-school starts in two weeks.

What a neat tent!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh, why do those cheese balls look SO good?!

Love the hair!

MamaCass said...

Good job on the hair! Were you so nervous the whole time? And that is an impressive dent in the cheeseballs.

Holly said...

What a wonderful heritage your Ella has! I smiled so huge at Ella helping her Meme. It makes me so happy to see.

Missed you much in San Antonio, Janelle! What a precious Mama you are.


PS I thought the cheeseballs were PAINTBALLS at first!

Julie Robles said...

Luckeeeeeeeee! I love Waco! Sic 'em bears. Good cheeseball work!

Ang baylis said...

Ella is growing up SO much! Great job on her hair.. and I want some cheese balls right now! I haven't had them in years! You are so cute, Janelle! This is such a wonderful blog!
Angie xoxo

Helen said...

Yum! Cheeseballs! And, OMGosh she's getting so big. Really!

connorcolesmom said...

That looks like some fun times!
I think you did a GREAT job with her bangs
She looks so proud of you momma :)
Oh and the last pics have totally made me hungry - hehe
Love ya

Lynn said...

Looks like you did a fantastic job on her bangs! :) I've done that several times on my McKinsey, but she is such the wiggle worm!

Blessings to you and your family!

Big Mama said...

Ella is getting so big!

And way to go on the cheeseballs, you made a serious dent.

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Oh my goodness, I love the pictures of Ella baking. What a big girl.

I could go for some cheese balls right about now! :)

Kara Clayton said...

Loved reading this post! My boys could give y'all a run for your money on those cheese balls! That was so funny! I'm proud of you giving her hair a trim, it's tough! I cut all our boys hair, otherwise haircuts would have to have their own line item in our budget! Excited to hear you are teaching a Bible study, I'm sure you will do fantastic! Look forward to hearing about it!

And Ella is soooo big, I can hardly believe it!

Anonymous said...

I thik bangs for Ella was a great choice (I'm a hair stylist) good job on the cut!

She looks so much like you in these pictures!

Anonymous said...

That's why I can't spell think...lol...j/k!

FordeFam said...

I LOVE her bangs!!! I have enjoyed making my girls' hair cute, too!!! I'm glad you had a good experience!!! I won't be doing Asher's again without some experienced person showing me how, but I'm sure glad to have fun playing beauty parlor with my girls!!! :) She looks sooo cute! ;)