Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike & The Weekend

So we ended up getting no "squalls" as the weathermen forecasted for our area. We got a very light rain that didn't stop for the entire day.

Great for our lawn and great for us because Heath, Ella and I got so much done being shut up in our house all day just the 3 of us.

Heath and I organized several closets and our kitchen. It's like a breath of fresh air in our house!

Other than that, knowing that Saturday was going to be a rough weather day and we wouldn't venture out, I decided that we needed a home made chocolate cake to munch on all weekend. I could not have done it without my handy helper:

A drop of chocolate CAN.NOT.BE wasted!

Check out that tongue!

This is the point that Ella bailed on the process. The beaters were a little too loud for her sensitive ears and so she choose Diego over chocolate cake baking.

The sweet thing is that, unfortunately, I did not get the cake baked and frosted by the time sweet Ella went to bed. So she had to go to bed without cake, but with the promise of lots of cake the next day. Saturday morning when she woke up, Heath went in to get her and the VERY first words out of her mouth were, "I need go in the kitchen and eat chocolate cake!" The girl has an amazing memory!

After the end of our shut down (Sunday) and after church today, we went to my 5 year old cousin Ethan's birthday party at the YMCA. I don't think I've told you how Ella is quite the swimmer these days. She has this pink float that is in the photos, and she loves to go into the deep end and swim. She kicks her legs and paddles with her hands and everything! I am SO impressed with her courage and swimming ability.

The deeper she got, the happier she was! But don't worry, she was never a few inches away from her Mama.

My sweet cousin Ethan is the one at the end of the table about to dig into the cake...

...which Ella was very thankful for!

Overall, it was a good weekend, thanks to Hurricane or "Gentle Rain Shower Ike" who kept us indoors most of the time.

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my spacenhance said...
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connorcolesmom said...

That looks like a fun weekend
I love that licking the chocolate off her knee - LOL

Cole had one of those tube floaties (it was blue though - hehe) and it was a mommy sanity saver. He could swim all over the pool and had a blast!

I totally recommend them :)

Love you

Darlene R. said...

Apparently girlfriend likes the cake, chocolate OR vanilla!

So happy that you had no squalls~ funny word! :)

Mindy said...

Glad to hear that you all only had a gentle rain from Ike. And wow, you all did get a lot done. I think I would have been tempted to do absolutely nothing all day.....rain makes me a bit sluggish sometimes.
But I do LOVE the feeling I have when my house is completely clean and organized.

Suzi said...

Glad your didn't get any harsh weather we didn't get anything either just a gentle breeze!

Ella is getting so big:)Love the pic of "not a drop wasted" a girl after my own heart!

Kristin said...

These are the cutest pictures of her!!! I wouldn't have brought Laney out in the rain either if she had been giving those kind of smiles inside!!!!

FordeFam said...

So much fun for your rainy day!!! I need to organize our closets and kitchen too!!! Glad you stayed dry and got lots accomplished! Fun!

Jake said...

oh man! that picture of ella holding her ears and staring at the blender like it is crazy for being so SOOOOO funny! I laughed out loud in my office, and people think im crazy! hahahahahah

pinkmommy said...

The princess' idea of helping me bake is to lick the batter.

That t-shirt with the girl with the pigtails is SO cute!

Helen said...

Everytime I see a pic of her I think it's the cutest pic yet... Then I see the next one! Gosh, she's adorable! (and a great helper to boot!)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I need your homemade chocolate cake recipe! Sounds so delicious right now!