Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser premiere came on tonight!!

I was so excited to plop my mentally drained self from Bible study down on the couch and watch the Biggest Loser. It's always been my favorite reality show.

Were you guys watching? Were you already crying within the first 5 minutes? Yea, me either. hehe

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connorcolesmom said...

Totally crying!
And when the older man with his daughter was told "this might be it" for him I flashed to my dad and just lost it
TOO MUCH but I love that show
Have a great one

Linsey said...

I haven't watched it yet. Is it that sad? Oh no! I normally like to eat ice cream or brownies when I watch that show, but since I have started working out again, maybe I will just do sit-ups and lunges instead...Ok, maybe not!

pinkmommy said...

I have never watched an entire season, only a few episodes here and there, but I am so in this season! Last night was great!

Linda Darjean said...

I wish I watched that show. Evening are too hectic to watch anything and we dont have Tivo....maybe I can convince Eric we need one...but if you know my husband then you know it is going to take alot of convincing. Unless they start showing Saints games at inconvienient times....we wait, we hope!!! By the way, you have the cutest Cowboy cheerleader ever! I love Ella's personality....what I get from reading your blog. she seems like someone who, if she were older, would totally be my best friend :) okay long enough comment!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Playing catch-up on my blog reading! We watched it too...so excited it's back on!

Matt, Andrea, and Luke said...

LOVE The Biggest Loser! So glad it's back on!

Kara Clayton said...

I LOVE that show!!! Too bad it wasn't on back in our DBU days, we could've watched it together!!! I'll be thinking of y'all now every time we watch it! :-)