Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Double Portion

Oh boy does my cup runeth over!! This past Saturday was a day of deliverance, a day of renewal, a day of scriptual learning, a day of worship and I mean it was all day! From 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. I got to be apart of the Beth Moore simulcast, which consisted of 3 sessions with Beth and the best praise and worship I have ever experienced lead by Travis Cottrell and his group of singers! AMAZING!! I couldn't get over how equally talented and unbelievably incredible each singer was! Lord, let them be leading our worship in heaven! Can a day get any better than that?

Beth taught out of Psalm 18 and the verse that forever changed my perspective on God and the love that He has for me and the love that I am to have for Him. The verse is right at the beginning, verse 1. David sang this song to the Lord, "I love you, O Lord, my strenth." The word love in this verse is translated from the Hebrew word racham which means to love deeply, be compassionate, have tender affection. Beth described it to us as "a feeling invoked by an infant and conveys a great desire to touch!" It hit me in that moment that I will never know the deep love that God feels for me. It's beyond what I could feel or even imagine. But I can come close to understanding what that love is like now that I have an infant. The love that I have for Ella trumphs any love that I have experienced. The love that I have for her goes beyond wanting to protect her from anything and everything, wanting to kiss her a thousand times a day, wanting her to never feel heartbreak or physical pain, wanting her filled with joy and a life filled with the abundance of God! So how much more does the Lord love us? I can't imagine, but for the rest of my time on earth, I now have a reference of what it is like, the love I am to have for Him and the smidge of love that He feels for me. Thank you Beth! You have forever changed my perspective on this! It was an incredible day!

But the day didn't end there. I got to go straight into more worship in our Saturday service. Seriously, I'm so sorry for those that don't or can't experience the Word from Curtis every Saturday. What a gift we have?! If you have not visited the service, do! You will not leave with regret!

Can a day get better than that?

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Kim Soto said...

Amen Sister! I totally agree that that day was INCREDIBLE!