Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol - Week 2

Way to go boys! You had a complete 180 degree turn from last week. I was 100% sure after watching the show last week that a girl would win, actually that the girls would be the final 6 standing, but after last night I have renewed faith in you boys. You really stepped it up and began to show the talent you have. I'm still about 99% sure a girl will win this season (let's face it, they are in a totally different league), but boys you are putting up a fighting chance now.

Phil - He is the bald headed boy who was in the military and missed the birth of his baby to try out for AI, which I find a little weird, but I guess it paid off if missing one of the most monumental moments of your life for a singing contest is worth it, he did an excellent job! I really like his voice and he is very sweet! His wife even sweeter because I don't know if I would have been that understanding.

Jared - He sang "Let's Get It On". If somebody is not a great singer but wants to come off as one I believe there are two songs a person can sing, "Let's Get It On" and "Son of a Preacher Man". They are easy to sing, they have a catchy beat, and everybody loves them. So Jared you did a great job last night.

A.J. - Loved his song! He sang "It's a New Dawn" and I thought he sounded good. He is adorable.

Chris S. - Love him so much more after his sweet words about his wife during the dedication time! He had lots of very kind things to say about her! He sang "Trouble" and did an excellent job.

Sanjaya - Oh Sanjaya! Such a soft-hearted, kind boy with a huge smile! Unfortunately I think his young age is playing a huge factor here. He seems so shy that it just is not working right now.

Nick - Sang "Fever" and dedicated it to his cutey girlfriend who suprised him by showing up tonight at the show. They are an adorable couple! And Nick's pure sounding, airy voice is outstanding. Good job!

Blake - My favorite! Let it be known I predict that Blake is going to be in the final 2! I still believe a girl will win, which one I have not decided on yet, but I believe that Blake will be runner up! He is amazing. Truly talented and entertaining.

Brandon - Sang "Time After Time" and it wasn't great. Brandon used to be a back up singer for Christina Aguilera and Usher! So there's no mistaking that he's got talent! But last night was not great, he definitely did not show off all that he has. I'm not saying you have to belt it everytime, but this early in, you better show all that you have because I think that song might have been his goodbye.

Chris R. - So cute! He is my second favorite boy! And Simon declared he was the best of the night. He sang "Geek in the Pink" which totally showed how fun and talented he is.

Sundance - Okay, I believe his dedication story about missing being with his newborn son and crying about it totally saved him for another week. Side note: What is with all these boys missing the birth of their children and missing being with them for their first few months of life for this show? And how are their wives handling that with hormones surging at an all new high? But Sundance made an excellent point that made me feel a little better. Through his tears, he said he is sacrificing being with his new son to hopefully be able to use this show to catapult him into a career where he can fully provide above and beyond for his family. He sang "Ride Sally Ride", it wasn't spectacular but it wasn't awful!

My prediction: Sunjaya and Brandon are the bottom two for this week.


Sunni said...

Yes, Sunjaya is definately in the bottom, and loved Chris S. talking about his wife too! Good stuff!

The Sanders House said...

I am a little confused why everyone likes Chris R.
That is the only one that I do not agree with Simon on. Mabye because I am not a big fan of Justin Timberlake. I hope Brandon is not booted. Check my blog tomorrow for predictions! :)

Rebecca Shelton said...

You are so detailed!! I love it.
I do like the Justin wannabe guy. But I did love Justin when he was in NSync. I totally worked out yesterday listening to some NSync. I miss you guys!!
I like the beat box boy (I don't know all of the names yet.)
Ummm....I cannot stand Sundance.
He is way too hairy and he is not that great of a singer. I did not want Sundance to be picked after Hollywood week. Yuk.
I do like Sanjaya...even though I wonder if he is fruity. He was in the top 4 last week!!! I can't wait for your girl update. I don't know all their names, but for some reason I like Gina Glocksen. OH, favorite boy is yes, another larger fellow (like Scotty the Body!!, but this guy is actually great.) Chris with the big hair. And yes I was surprised he was married. Love and miss you Janie!!!