Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best Playdate EVER

Last Friday, we had a playdate with 6 moms and 6 babies all within 5 months age of each other. It was the normal group, Sunni and Ava, Amanda and Jackson, Joshua and Melissa, and me and Ella. But also our good friend Michelle and her son Keegan, AND Kristin and her new baby girl Laney joined us!! It was the first of many playdates that little Laney will be at! And Michelle was in town from Houston last weekend, so she was able to come. It was a little crazy at times, but it could not have been more fun.

Ava and Jackson

Laney, Keegan and Ava

Laney and Ella

Ella is known in our playgroup as "The Pacifier Stealer"

Apparentely she also likes to take bows.

Jackson and Laney

Joshua and Ella

Ella and Laney

You would think that us moms would learn to take the baby group pictures at the beginning of the playdate. But if we did them at the beginning when the babies are in a better mood, I wouldn't get my hysterical, rolling on the floor laugh that I look so forward to due to all the crying.

I'm afraid Ella might have inherited my tendency to be a little over dramatic.

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Jerry said...

These pictures are so cute!!!