Thursday, January 20, 2011

Santa On The Roof

One of our yearly Christmas traditions is Santa on the Roof. One of my besties, Kristin, puts this on every year with her sister. They invite tons of families to their house to sing carols and eat yummy desserts. Then Santa gets on the roof and has a present for every kid that is there.

It's really fun and so cute. Santa calls out the name of the child and they walk up to the house and he throws the present down. They kids love it!

Ella with her gift that Santa just threw down.

Joshua and Ella with their presents.

Ella and Laney with their presents.

Ella telling Santa what she wants for Christmas!

Sweet girl!

Okay, I put this on my blog EVERY year when I do this post because it is one of my most favorite pictures of ALL time! This is Ella and Laney's first Santa on the Roof on December 6, 2007! It's just priceless. We definitely felt a little guilty snapping this shot, but we quickly rescued them.

Ella, Laney and Tessa (Laney's little cousin)

Sweet friends!!

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Helen said...

I love the Santa on the roof thing - what a great tradition!

Kristin said...

I love all of your pictures. They are so cute!! It makes me so happy that you guys are a part of our Santa on the Roof tradition!!!

those pics of Ella playing in the leaves are amazing. that girl has the time of her life all day every day!!!