Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas with the Angels

I'm finally doing it. I'm finally posting my Christmas pictures!! Seriously, what is wrong with me? I'm going to do several quick posts, so here we go. :-)

Christmas with my dad's side of the family was on Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve.

We always start out our Christmas festivities with a nice dinner.

Ella and her cousins.

It did not take the cousins long to eat so they could get back to playing and being so silly!

Daddy teaching Ella some fighting moves. He tells her she can only use these moves on boys. :-)

The next day, we had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast (even though it was Christmas Eve). And then we let the kiddos open up all their presents.

This precious Christmas bear with Ella's name embroidered on it is from my grandparents.

My precious grandparents!

Tinkerbell tea set from my cousin Tiffany. So fun!

The ultimate gift...Rapunzel dress up gown!

She loved it!

My uncle's company moved my aunt and uncle to Singapore last year right after Christmas. Thankfully they were able to come back for Christmas this year. They got Ella this adorable t-shirt!

And these adorable pajamas and slippers! Isn't that so fun?

Sweet cousins!

Ella having fun with my Uncle Jim!

This Christmas was really fun! We dialed down the amount of presents and other stuff and were really able to focus on being together as a family and enjoying that time!

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Kelli said...

Those pj's are adorable!!!! I wish I had them :)

Helen said...

I am in love with those pajamas!! I also love the super cute pink dress & red boots.