Thursday, March 12, 2009

Only One More Day...

Well, we have almost completed our week in Honduras. I can't believe it's already almost over. It went very fast. We have a short break right now in between our shopping trip and our celebration dinner out at a fun restaurant we go to every year. It's a fun way to end the trip.

We have had an amazing week!!! Everything has gone SO well. I wish each of you were here so you could experience the work God is doing first hand. I really am not good with words, so it's hard for me to explain situations.

The hospital was an okay experience. We stayed a lot longer this year, which means we saw a lot sadder situations! But I did have one moment of total rejoicing which I will tell you about later when I have time.

Our 3 days in Cataluna were awesome. We had 120 kids in VBS and 45 women in the Women's ministry!!! Oh, it was so good!!! I grew way more attached to them this year than last year. It was a lot harder to say goodbye to those sweet families. And it was good to see the babies I held for hours last year, walking all around and so happy! So many amazing things happened this year that I can't wait to share. I hope I can find the words. Maybe through pictures it will be easier.

Thank you for your prayers!!! We saw many works of God that blew are mind and that is because of the prayers you voiced for us. I couldn't ask for any better support.

We leave Tegucigalpa airport at 12:00 pm tomorrow. Please be in prayer. The take off is almost as dangerous as the landing. To sum it up, it FREAKS ME OUT! Not that I'm overreacting or anything.

Thanks y'all! And in 28 hours I will hopefully be squeezing the crud out of my little girl! I can't wait!

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Becca said...

I'm so glad to hear ya'll have had such a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see pictures!

Smith Family said...

Yay! I can't wait to see pictures! So glad that everything went so well and the mission was a success. Love you!