Sunday, March 08, 2009

Honduras Day 2!

Today was a great day. We got to worship this morning with Communion Baptist Church. This is the church that our church in Irving partners with and has for years. The pastor of the church is very good friends with our Pastor. Pastor Pena spoke to our group, after an amazing morning of worship with their congregation, of the vision of Communion. This church that start over 20 years ago with 12 members, has now planted 25 missions and churches in Tegucigalpa and surrounding villages. It's amazing to see how the Lord has blessed this church with incredible growth.

It is very awe inspiring to watch the members of Communion worship. They are so passionate! Our Pastor told us tonight during our nightly time of reflection and prayer that he desires to love the people of Irving like the Pastor of Communion and his family loves the people of Honduras. It is incredible to see.

After church, we went to Cataluna to introduce ourselves to the people there and let them know about VBS that will be going on for the rest of the week. It was GREAT to be back there. I didn't recognize a lot of the kids from last year, but there were a few that I recognized and was so excited to see. I spent most of my time last year taking care of the babies while their mothers went to the Women's Bible study. It will probably be difficult for me to recognzie a lot of them because babies change so much in their first year of life.

So what I did was, I printed a bunch of their pictures off so I could walk around and ask if this is their baby. I know weird, but then I can give the mom the picture and I think it will make them very happy because they don't own cameras and probably have zero pictures of their families.

Please pray for tomorrow...

We are starting our day at the hospital which is the day I dread tremendously. It's very difficult to go to this hospital. It's nothing like an American hospital. Very bare and slightly dirty and incredibly sad. You can read more about the hospital here.

Then after the hospital we will head to Cataluna to do VBS/Women's Bible study and then an evening service. I'm sure it will be as equally great of a day as today was...if not better.

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Big Mama said...

This is so random, but last night we had friends over and one of them brought his new wife who is from Honduras. She worked as a translator for missions groups when she was in high school and came to the U.S. for college.

Anyway, she mentioned how scary it is to land at the airport there and I had just read your post about it so I was all like, "I've heard that before" even though it was just five minutes before.

Praying for you and your trip. I know God will do big things.

Mindy said...

Praying for you today.

Holly said...

Oh Janelle, I can imagine how very blessed those Mama's are to have those pictures!

Praying for you this day--strength, health and God's full blessing on each head!

Amber said...

Girl! I LOVE it that you can blog from there! Ive been praying for the team! Miss you love you! praying for your trip to the hospital.

wetherell said...

I am so excited that we can get updates!!!!! I wish so badly that I was there, I know that yall are going to have an amazing time!!!!! I will be praying for yall.

Cedar Hill Siesta said...

You and all the FBI members are being remembered in prayer. Thank you for putting hands and feet to our prayers!
Cyndi Pettit

Kelli said...

Prayed for your trip to the hospital. I can't imagine what that was like, but do know that they are so blessed by your visit.

I love that you are able to update us!!

connorcolesmom said...

Catching up on all your posts (I was off the computer all weekend)
I have been praying for you constantly and ironically God laid on my heart to pray for traveling mercies - I had no idea about the plane landing stuff - God is SO GOOD!
Look forward to the updates and pics!
Much love