Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ava's 3rd Birthday Party

The day after I got back from Honduras we got to celebrate Ava's 3rd Birthday. Sunni had such a fun party at this place in Southlake called The Art Class. Each child got participate in an art class. This was Ella's first time to ever do something like this and she had so much fun!

Not quite sure if fabulous artistic ability with painting is in her future, but she was so cute while doing it.

My sweet girl ready to get painting.

I tried to get a sweet picture of Ella and the birthday girl, but I was always one step behind one of their cute moments, like hugging.

The first thing the art instructor had the kids do was to decorate their name plate. I had NO idea that Ella could draw circles!! I was very impressed.

Let the painting begin.

This was the painting they were copying.

What do y'all think? Ella & Ava's completed works! I love it!

It was such a fun party Sunni!! Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Ava!!!!

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Holly said...

Wow! I am so surprised at the way they kept the lines and colors close to the original. For 3 years olds, they did wonderfully!!

Did you know my mother is an artist? I grew up without a lick of her talent in this area.

Praying for you, dear Janelle!

Becca said...

What a fun idea for a party! Ella's painting looks great! What a talented little girl!

The Sanders House said...

That is a great idea...i need to check out a place around here! They all looked so grown-up!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh, I love all your pictures! And you're so right, we always get them a fraction of a second after a Kodak moment!!! Glad y'all came!

connorcolesmom said...

What a cool idea for a party!
Of course I am not sure I would take my Coel there b/c he would totally paint himself but whatever - hehe
Love the pics - Ella and Ava did great jobs!
I am truly impressed!
Much love

Darlene R. said...

That looked like such a fun party! It looks as if Ella did a fine job with her painting. That's a keeper, for sure.

Isn't it a wonderful blessing to have such close friends?

Have a beautiful Tuesday,

Helen said...

What a fun party idea! I had no clue such places existed. I still have soooo much to learn.