Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Little AI Live Blogging

So I've had no desire to live blog American Idol, but I'm sitting here watching AI Gives Back and couldn't help but to write about it.

I just watched Terry Hatcher sing Carrie's song "Before He Cheats" and I think it is...AWESOME. Yes, it wasn't talent wise that fabulous, but the fact that she was brave enough to sing a song that Carrie sings so great is amazing to me.

I think Robin Williams is hilarious!

"Shout to the Lord" - "Lord, King, My Comforter, My Shelter, Tower of Refuge and Strength"! I loved it.

But the thing that I loved so much about this show is that in about 3 months I will be seeing first hand what is going on in Africa. This isn't really my official announcement, just a little whispered secret, but this summer my husband and I have the amazing honor and calling to spend 2 weeks ministering to orphans and widows in Sudan, Africa through a ministry called His Voice for Sudan which my dear friend Amber and her husband Vernon started! I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are! There will be many more details to come, but since we've known about us going on this trip, anything about Africa hits a special place in my heart.

And on a totally different note, here are a few pics from my Birthday dinner at my parent's house last night!

My mom always makes me my favorite cake, her homemade chocolate cake!! YUM!

Ella wanted to help carry the cake in.

Helping mommy blow the candles out.

Kodak moment.

This is earlier in the day while I was at work. Ella helped with every step of the cake making. In fact, she was SO excited about Mommy's b-day cake that as soon as I walked through the door yesterday, she immediately started jumping up and down and screaming, "Mama's birthday cake." She was so happy to show me what she had done! I loved it!

"What? Somebody has to taste it to make sure it's okay."

Putting the candles on.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Heather said...

So fun! It is so fun to see your kids excited about you as well! It's so fun to see our kids love us! Cute photos ... looks like a delish cake but I can't be for sure unless I taste it ... wanna send a piece for a taste test? :)

Mindy said...

This is too sweet! I love that she helped make your birthday cake.
And even though this summer would not be the summer I would want to be in africa (you know 7-9 months pregnant and all) I am a bit envious that you get to much fun!
in HIM -

Linsey said...

Two things: 1. I cannot wait for gage and ella to make their cakes. 2. I miss you doing the live blogs while you watch the shows. You should start that up again!

Laura said...

I'm THRILLED for you and Heath going to Africa!! You are going to LOVE it. I have tons of travel gear (Africa style) if you need anything.

PS - make sure you take some Felicity Sophomore Year for that plane ride.

MamaCass said...

I think it is amazing that ya'll are going on the Sudan trip! And how sweet that Ella helped make you a birthday cake.

Helen, Luke, & Kasen said...

If that child were any cuter they'd have to arrest you! ;)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

First time here. Such a cute blog! :)

And CONGRATS on going to Africa! What an incredible experience.

FordeFam said...

How exciting that ya'll are going to Africa!!! That will be amazing!!!

LOVE the pics of Ella making your cake and then bringing it to you!!! I bet your mom was tickled to be able to do that with her!!! Precious!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the pictures of Ella making the cake with Grandma! What a big girl!