Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Laney & Melissa!

Keeping with tradition, Monday night Kristin, Laney and Todd came over along with Peter, Melissa, Joshua and Gabe so we could celebrate Melissa's birthday (which was the 27th) and Laney's birthday (which was the 23rd).

Kristin brought a yummy mexican casserole and we made guacamole which I think is officially my favorite thing to eat.

And I made these:

I think I won this Sprinkles mix at one of our girls' monthly Bunco nights. And I finally found the perfect occasion to make them. It was a lot more intricate then I was expecting. I thought it would be as easy as opening a box of brownie mix or cake mix, you know just add water and 2 eggs. NO, this was actual baking with homemade icing. Y'all, I do not do homemade icing. But I was already to far in when I realized what was entailed to turn back. So I persevered and one hour later, with an incredibly messy kitchen, I did it! And now I want to do it again. This is so not like me. But in my eyes it was an accomplishment. Maybe I'll actually be one of those that starts to enjoy cooking and baking. Oh, my husband would love that. But he would probably look at me and ask, "What did you do with my wife?".

The tods loved the cupcakes, so I think they turned out okay.

Isn't this the most darling little dress ever? Target, why do you torture me with all of your clothing cuteness?

Kristin and I got Melissa a gift card to the movies and a coupon for one night of babysitting.

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Amanda said...

Did you eat one without the icing and was it delish? I'm so glad you finally got to make them. I'm baking a cake to take to dinner at our neighbors' house tomorrow and I am SO SCARED of messing up!

Darlene R. said...

I have never seen those cupcakes before. Do you know where they came from? I love the cute packaging.

You all celebrate A LOT of birthdays down there, don't you!?

So happy that you got to spend some time with friends last weekend. I know all of my friends are so precious to me, so spending time with them is such a blessing...the overnight thing sounded like lots of fun!

MamaCass said...

The cupcakes look delicious! I know I am a just add water and eggs kind of girl too. I still have never had a Sprinkles cupcake. That's really sad.

Becca said...

I'm so proud of your cupcakes Janelle! They look so yummy!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

The cupcakes look like you ordered them from Sprinkles! Good job, Martha Stewart!

The Self Cottage said...

how fun! I am so proud of you ...the cupcakes look awesome! you should definitely go with your exploratory side and bake away~ we can come over and eat the results - we don't care how it looks :)

Lindsee said...

Mmmm. Sprinkles. I must try one one day!

Promise Christian Academy said...

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