Monday, April 07, 2008

Birthday Party

I've been a part of a wonderful tradition for about 7 years now. Melissa, Kristin and I always throw little birthday parties for each other every year when it's time for one of our birthdays. Fortunately, the tradition has now been extended to our children. It's something I look forward to with great expectation every year. This year we had dinner over at Kristin's house. I wanted to do it there so the babies could play all they want together and we can actual carry on a conversation, versus if we were at a restaurant.

Kristin made my favorite (such a good friend) homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo!! It was DELiCIOUS!! The alfredo sauce was so tasty that I could have just eaten it out of a bowl with a spoon, just like soup!

Melissa made the most fabulous brownies ever that she got from Sunni's blog. They truly are amazing.

Watching Ni Hao, Kai-lan

For some reason, Joshua decided to give Ella sweet kisses unprompted!

Then Laney saw and had to get in on the action. I hope Ella felt so blessed by her friends!

The night just kept getting wilder and wilder. The babies broke out with some break dancing moves.

All three dancing and holding hands! Could they be any cuter?

Laney and Ella were desperate to rock Gabriel to sleep before Peter and Melissa left. They are both so motherly!

Laney is already learning how funny her Uncle Heath is.

The girls had so much fun playing in their pajamas desperately trying to stay awake.

Thank you Melissa and Kristin for a very fun birthday!

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MamaCass said...

What a fun birthday party. I love Ella's little green shirt. I wish that came in my size!

Linsey said...

Love all the pics! Can't wait to see you guys.

Amanda said...

I just love your hair. It's so pretty! The pics of the Tods are too, too cute. How funny that they were holding hands and dancing!

Heather said...

I love chicken alfredo as well. In fact we are having it for dinner tonight b/c you made me crave it :) It doesn't take more than a mention to make me crave it :) glad you had a fun party. spending time with friends is always the best!

wetherell said...

SO Fun.... this makes me miss you and ella!!!! Come to me sweet friend!
I will get to see you in about two weeks though, yeah!!!

Murrell Family said...

It was such a fun night celebrating your birthday!

Ang baylis said...

What a fun time you all had! I really enjoy watching Ella grow up. Your husband makes me laugh every time I see him in a picture. I'm hungry for some brownies!
Have a great day, Janelle.
Angie xoxo

Helen, Luke, & Kasen said...

I just love reading your blog & seeing all the pics of the cutest little ones! Looks like every part of your bday was great!