Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Zoo!!

Heath and I celebrated 9 years of marriage at the end of May! For our anniversary celebration we took our sweet girl to the zoo and then him and I went out for dinner just the two of us. It was a perfect day!

This gorilla was so sweet and so cute. I felt kind of badly for him. He just looked so sad. Is that weird to say?

Ella was really afraid to go up to the window. This was as close as she would get. That is because earlier in the day, there was a huge school group at this exact window and this gorilla, who I just said looked sweet, started banging on the window really hard and that entire group of school kids SCREAMED at the top of their lungs. It was actually very entertaining because I'm pretty sure he did it to get that exact reaction from them.

This gorilla seemed really sad too! He was wearing this potato sack over him the entire time we were watching him and then at one point he walked over to a corner of his cage, got into the fetal position and put the potato sack over his head so nobody could see him. Every few minutes he would peek out with one eye and then hide his face again. This guy needed some serious alone time.

Riding the train

Ella and the giraffes. We love the giraffes. They're mine and Ella's favorite.

We love Bonnie the elephant statue. It's become our little zoo tradition that Ella takes a picture with Bonnie whenever we come. Not sure why this came about, except that I'm really good with coming up with all kinds of random traditions. :-)

This was 2009


Silly Daddy & Ella

We was such a fun and perfect day!

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Tara G. said...

I'm catching up! Look how darling she is! I look at one photo and think she looks like you and then in the one by the statue, she looks like your husband. Gross on the snake, though! :)