Thursday, July 07, 2011

Laney's 5th Birthday Party!

I'm so behind on blogging, but I couldn't resist posting these pictures, even though they're from April. They are from Ella's bestie Laney's 5th bday party. It was Fresh Beat Band theme, which was perfect for Ella too.

This picture takes my breath away. Kristin and I continually talk about how incredibly blessed we feel because of Ella and Laney's friendship. They were born just 2 1/2 mths apart. Their lifelong friendship began when Kristin and Todd returned to DFW airport when Laney was 9 mths old after just picking her up from Taiwan. Kristin and I often dream about their lives years from now...being in each other's weddings, starting families together, their kids being friends. It's fun to imagine. :-)

Keeping with the theme, all the kids decorated their own paper guitars.

We LOVE you Laney bug!!!

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