Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleeping Ella

I think I could probably take a picture of Ella every night after she has fallen asleep in her bed. At some point after I tuck her in and she actually falls asleep, she gets out of bed and fills her bed with all sorts of items, usually about 5 to 10 stuffed animals. It's always a surprise as to what she will have. It's usually something as adorable as these pictures. But it's also a lot of the time hysterical to to see what she ends up.

This has been one of my favorite nights.

Unfortunately I took these with my iphone so they aren't the clearest. Has your camera on your phone made anybody else lazy with taking pictures? Or is it just me? In the past, I would run and grab my nice cannon camera that my wonderful husband bought me. But now that I have this phone, it's just so much easier to grab that instead because more than likely it's right next to me. But then I'm always disappointed when the picture turns out cute, but it's terrible quality. When will I learn? :-)

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Kelli said...

So so sweet :)

Tara G. said...

She's precious! Hope all is going well. We met a family at baggage claim that is here to adopt and have been able to enjoy some fellowship with them. They can pick him up next week and then go through the US embassy to finish up. I've been thinking of you as we've spent time with them! Hope all is progressing well!!

amygld said...

Hi there Janelle,

Hope you are well and enjoying the journey towards fostering.

Do you happen to live in Fort Worth/Dallas area? I'm coming to the USA for three weeks for annual visit and would love to meet up for coffee if you live there. I could have gotten that wrong!

I'm attending a conference in Dallas but will be primarily in northern virginia.

anyway, let me know if you are interested via email.



Lindsee said...

I'm tickled because that bear is bigger than her. So cute! And yes, I feel you on the picture taking fail. I have to be more intentional. I get irritated with myself. Ha!