Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing at the Park

Pure joy!

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Kelli said...

What a doll! She is SO brave swinging so high! :)

C:M:W said...

She is getting so BIG, oh my word.

Barr Family said...

Hi! To answer a few of your questions, yes Clomid is a pill you take once a day...usually days 5-9 or 3-7 of your cycle. With my girls, I wasn't monitored at all. But, now with the RE I have had to go in for the scans so that will just depend on your doctor. My appt. went well....I had 1 "perfect" follicle so hopefully this will be the month! Now in the 2 week wait and it is KILLing me!!! If it doesn't work this month, we are taking the summer off. The side effects of the clomid aren't too bad...I had a couple of hot flashes and headaches but that was recently with the higher doses. Keep me updated on what you find out!!!