Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter '10

Sorry this is so late...I'm still trying to play catch up.
We had a great Easter! We spent the morning at church, which was a long morning because the praise team played in all 3 of our services. It was a blessing! But by the time I left the church that afternoon, I had already been there for 6 hours! Needless to say I was pretty worn out by the time we made it over to my parent's house for Easter lunch. But we still had a great time!

We always try to take some family pics after church with the Easter lilies.

Ella opening her Easter basket. She finally got the mermaid barbie that swims. She had been wanting this so badly. Ella very rarely asks for something that she wants, so when she does she means business.

She had a great time hunting for Easter eggs this year. I think she had more fun hiding them for the adults and helping us find them. She gave VERY subtle hints while we were looking like, "Mama, look under that flower pot. This one RIGHT HERE." She's precious.

Grandma, Grandad & Ella

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Barr Family said...

Hi Janelle. I got your comment...sorry it took me a few days to write you back!

PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome...lots of cysts ont he ovaries which can hinder ovulation and give you crazy cycles. I went on Clomid with the girls because my cycles were so irregular and because clomid in effect, forces your body to ovulate (if it works). But, I guess the more you take, the less effective it can become in some people...hence my problems with number 3. We are on round 2 with the specialist...the clomid did work last month, we just didn't end up pregnant. So, we did clomid + 2 injections this time. I go tomorrow to do a scan to see if there are any follicles ready to go. Hopefully it will work this time!!!
Have you had your dr appointment yet? What did he say about the clomid?

Helen said...

Love the pic of Ella & your parents!