Friday, May 07, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt/Dying Eggs

We had a great Easter weekend. It was also my birthday weekend, so our family time was doubled.

Saturday morning we went to our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt! It's always very interesting. Last year Ella was kind of starting to get the concept but after about 5 eggs she decided she was done. I kept saying, "Ella don't you want some more". And she would just look at me and say, no.

This year, as soon as they blew the whistle, my girl went on a sprint. You would have thought those eggs contained hundred dollar bills in them by the way she was throwing them in her basket as fast as she could, which I guess chocolate to her is as valuable as a hundred dollar bill.

She got tons of eggs which means we still a month later have a pile of easter eggs that we still have not eaten through.

Ella is in a drama group at church called Drama Todds. So along with the egg hunt, the Drama Todds performed an Easter play for everyone that morning.

My sweet girl is very animated when performing in front of a lot of people. She definitely has zero stage fright.

Each child was assigned a letter and as their Drama Todds' teacher read a book called the Easter Alphabet, the child with that letter went and put it on the felt board. Ella was the letter T.

After the Egg Hunt, we headed back to our house to dye easter eggs with Heath's family. We had so much fun! I love that Ella is now to the age where she is getting really into to stuff that we do together. She is a blast.

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Helen said...

I LOVE Ella's dress! So bright & fun! She really is such a cute girl, you are so blessed.