Friday, February 13, 2009


Please be in prayer for the Walker/Winter family. This morning at 8am Kristi passed away. You have all read about her on different blogs in our community over the past several months.

The day after her 3rd son was born this past October, Kristi found out that she was in stage 4 breast cancer.

This is an amazing family!! I had the opportunity to get to know Kristi and her husband Chuck a few years ago. Chuck was our student minister at our church when Heath and I first joined 6 years ago. Kristi's sister Amy also went to our church along with her husband Daniel who was our Middle School Minister. They all currently live in North Carolina surrounded by great family. They really are one of the most precious families that there are.

I have no words for how sad this situation is and the impact this is having on them. Please pray for her husband Chuck, her 3 sons, Cade, Mason & Zane. Also, for Kristi's parents, her sister Amy (who also just had a baby last month) and Daniel, Amy's husband. I can NOT imagine what they are going through right now.

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Lindsee said...

My heart just dropped to my toes. And I don't even know them, but have been praying.

Thank you for letting us know so we can pray for that sweet family.

Like you, I cannot even imagine, or begin to understand the sadness.

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Oh I am so sad to hear this. What heartache, I cannot even imagine. I will be praying for them.

ThirtysomethingMom said...

This breaks my heart. I read the story from another blog. I am praying for this precious family.

Holly said...

Oh, I am praying with much heaviness in my heart for them. Mmm. Looking to Jesus to bring them comfort and hope.


Ashley said...

Hey - My heart just broke this morning when I got John's email. Do you know if First Irving might be doing some sort of memorial or anything for the family?

Melissa said...

I only know what I've read on the blogs, but my eyes just filled with tears. Lord, have mercy.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh my heart just BREAKS for them
I will keep them in my prayers...
Love ya