Friday, February 13, 2009

In 2 Days...

My baby turns 3!!! I know it's stupid, but I've struggled more with this year than any other year. The age 1 & 2 still sound young, they are a baby and then a toddler. But 3 sounds so much older.

We have a big weekend planned for our sweet girl. Tonight we are celebrating Valentine's with Dada. Heath made us his fettuccine alfredo! It's unbelievable and I usually only get it once a year. I could just eat the alfredo sauce with a spoon. Who needs the noodles?

Tomorrow afternoon was supposed to be our big family birthday party. Ella's cousin Zach has a birthday 4 days after hers, so we always have a combined party for them and it's always so much fun! But my sweet, precious grandad had a procedure done on his heart this morning and his doctor told him just today that he couldn't travel for 3 days. So we are postponing our family b-day celebration until next Saturday.

Heath has to work on Valentine's night, so Ella and I are going to stay home and make birthday cookies to take to her Sunday School class Sunday morning, which is her actual birthday!

On her actual birthday, Sunday, we really don't have a lot planned, except for a ton of extra love and attention! And hopefully I don't go through an entire box of kleenex as I remember what that day was like 3 years ago and how teeny tiny my 4lb 15oz peanut was.

This video pretty much sums up our year with her. She's is so full of life, excitement and fun with a lot of sweetness mixed in! Everyday she amazes us. The video was actually taken about 5 months ago.

The dress she is wearing is one of my Martha Miniatures that I had when I was her age. My mom kept a bunch of them and they are all so cute.

Ella started singing this song about a year ago and the first time she sang it I about died when she sang, "I may never march in the appletree." You'll have to watch! It's moments like this when I think, life can't get much better than this.

Ella in Mama's Toddler Dress Singing I'm In The Lord's Army & Jesus Loves Me While RUNNING IN CIRCLES! 9-15-08 from Janelle on Vimeo.

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jeni said...

How precious!! We need Heath's alfredo recipe!!! Would he share it?? I hope you guys have a Happy Valentine's Day. :)

Amanda said...

Jackson and I just watched this together. We miss Ella so much! I hope her birthday weekend is so much fun!

Lindsee Lou said...

That song brings back a flood of memories! Too cute. I seriously love when you post videos of her! They are always darling.

Happy Valentines Day!

Yankee Mama said...

lol, That was so cute!

connorcolesmom said...

HA - that made me LOL
I love that she may never march in the appletree!
We taught that song to our 4 yr old SS class and it was one of my favorites!
I hope Ella has a very HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY
I can not believe she is 3YO already
Wait until she turns 5 - that sounds old and I am having a hard time calling my baby 5 :(
Have a great weekend!
Love ya

Helen said...

LOVE that video! Funny, funny girl! Happy birthday Ella!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I can't believe Ella's 3! I meant to text you yesterday, but I forgot and now it's Monday! I hope she had a sweet b-day weekend! We're excited about next weekend! I'm just as emotional about 3...and already thinking about 4!!! What's wrong with me?!

Anonymous said...

This video is too cute!! I love that she just kept going and going and when she fell, I was wondering if she hurt herself then she got up and kept on going! It made me laugh!!! ~Rebecca