Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Christmas Week

Tuesday night, my parents, my M-I-L, myself and Ella went to Arlington to look at Christmas lights. We had heard about this amazing neighborhood called Interlochen that goes all out every year. It did not disappoint.

I have this adorable video of Ella getting so excited when we told her we were going to go get donuts and hot chocolate and go look at Christmas lights.

Ella So Excited about Going to Look at Christmas Lights 12-16-08 1 from Janelle on Vimeo.

Wednesday night, I had choir practice for our big Christmas program called Carols and Candlelight. I don't normally sing in the choir during the year, but they ask for extra singers for this special performance. It really is so much fun! Melissa H., Amber and I get to sit together and I wouldn't be surprised if our very kind choir director was very annoyed at all the giggling he hears from the back row.
And this year my dad is singing with us! He's been a music minister/choir director for most of my life. He's been retired from the ministry for a few years, so this is a fun time for him to get back into a choir.

After choir practice, I had worship team practice. This is also not a normal thing, but I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would like to join the mic team and thought it would be fun. This week however, the guy that plays the keyboard can't be there Sunday, so Jared (our awesome worship leader) asked me if I would fill in. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. I'm a little nervous for tomorrow morning, but VERY EXCITED. It was SO FUN playing with a band. I had never done that before. I loved it! So Wed. night was a late night.

Thursday night we had our staff girls' Christmas party. It was the best white elephant gift exchange I have ever been a part of. First, every gift was AMAZING!! Therefore, we had so many steals, mainly from our pastor's wife. Every time she picked a gift it immediately got stolen. I think this happened about 6 times. We were rolling!

Friday and Saturday have actually been pretty calm! Meme took Ella to get her haircut on Friday at this adorable place called Pigtails and Crewcuts. Isn't that cute? We just trimmed her bangs and the back of her hair. It's adorable.

Today, we went to Christmas on Main Street in Grapevine with the family.

Does this Santa and Snowman kind of creep anybody else out?

Y'all can pray for me tomorrow. Between worship team and our choir performance, I will be at the church from 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. with a short break in the middle. Thanks! It's all good though!

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Helen said...

Good luck tomorrow!
The pics are all cute! (As if ther aren't always.)

Holly said...

Praying for you tomorrow!

My Chris and I were in choir for over 12 years--we love choir. We sang under Don Parks and Jean Pilcher, if your Dad knows them. We loved choir so much and miss it here in Colorado.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Janelle!!
With love and prayers,

Lindsee said...

Okay, first things first, I had to watch that video twice because, really? I love that she couldn't stop jumping up and down. That is one animated child you have! I love it!

Secondly, we have so much in common! Did you know that I play the piano and sing, too?? I don't so much do it anymore, but love it when I get to!

Praying for extra energy tomorrow!

Erin said...

That video is SO sweet! What a cutie.

Kelli said...

Saw this after you sang, but I hope it went well! I hope Caroline gets as excited about everything just like Ella!! So sweet!!

Mindy said...

I saw this after the fact but I know everything went well!
That video was precious!!!!

Becca said...

You did great playing the keyboard and church on Sunday morning...such a professional! And, the music was beautiful on Sunday night too! Great job friend! Cute pics of that sweet Ella! What a doll!

connorcolesmom said...

THAT VIDEO IS PRECIOUS!! I found myself getting as excited as she was - it is contagious :)
I am so glad all went well with the keyboard at church
You are so precious and you have a darling family!
I pray you have a wonderful blessed joyfilled Christmas and a Happy New YEAR!
Much love