Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was fantastic.

Our tree.

My favorite ornaments!

Ella posing with one of her favorite ornaments. It's a little pink angel with her name on it.

Ella's Christmas decorations in her room.

We woke up Christmas morning at our house and Ella got to open her much overflowing stocking.

Thank you Dollar Tree for sponsoring this part of our Christmas Day.

Even though Jones is not treated like our "baby" anymore like he once was, we still get him a stocking every year. His favorite toy is a white rope. It lasts about a year before he finally tears it to shreds. This is his old rope that went in the trash moments later.

And of course, the shiny new one he gets every year.

After that, we got ready and headed over to my parent's house to spend Christmas Day with my grandparents and open presents. Of course, Santa must fill a stocking for Ella at Grandma's too.

New lip gloss!

She is becoming a very good sharer.

Ella raked in the gifts again. Remember, she is still the only grandbaby on both sides of the family! So all the spoiling energy goes ALL to her.

My dad handed every gift to Ella and she took the present to the appropriate person. And she even helped open every single present.

Ella is really into My Little Pony. Probably because I really was when I was little. A few months ago, my mom found all of my old My Little Ponies AND my old castle that goes with them. Ella LOVES to play with all of them. So I think her favorite Christmas gift was this My Little Pony remote control scooter that my uncle gave her.

My mom found the most adorable doll play set! It comes with a swing, pack-n-play, stoller, activity mat, diaper bag, and of course the doll. It is SO cute.

Maybe a smidge too small.

Of course, we had to go for a nice long drive that afternoon and this time she got to take her new doll.

Yes, this would be Ella's entourage.

Ella & my Grandma Angel! They have a very sweet relationship!

Ella and the grandparents.

Ella and her Great Grandparents.

More Christmases to come.

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connorcolesmom said...

YOu just can not get better than seeing sweet Ella opening her gifts and seeing that darling expression on her face
She is a true blessing
I am so glad you guys had such a great time!
We celebrated with my in-laws and now we are at my parents and get to celebrate with them tomorrow :)
It has been great FUN!
Have a blessed and joyful NEW YEAR!
Much love

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Ella is at such a great age. It makes Christmas so fun!

pinkmommy said...

My two are the only kids in my family, so needless to say everyone loves buying them A TON. I still haven't found places for all the new stuff in my house.

Glad you had a Merry Christmas!!!

Helen said...

Does it freak you out a bit to see her driving her car with her "friend" in it? Oh, the joys soon to come... ;)
Looks like yet another wonderful celebration for you guys!

MamaCass said...

I am glad your Christmas was merry!!! Tobey was excited to see Ella in the nursery Sunday morning.