Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a fabulous night. We have a tradition where we eat a HUGE Christmas Eve dinner and then Christmas day we get to relax all day, open presents, play games and eat all the left overs.

This year, Christmas Eve was spent at my parent's house with Heath's mom and sisters. I love that my family and my in laws get along so well that we get to spend holidays together!

We had a fabulous dinner.

Heath and his sweet sisters.

Heath's sisters couldn't spend Christmas Day with us, so Ella got her present from them that night! I couldn't be more excited about it!!

Her face says it all.

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Holly said...

I love that your family spends Christmas Eve that way! And WOW! What a neat gift. I'd like a pink mustang, too.

Love and prayers,

PS We both finished ALL the Twilight series now. Big Sigh!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Ella will be super cool cruzin' in her Mustang! What a great gift! It looks like a wonderful Christmas Eve...and so nice that you can spend it with your family and your inlaws.

I am reading New Moon right now too, I am almost done and it is really good! I love this series!

Jake said...

That car is so stinkin awesome. We have a few youngsters out here that have those, its funny because they drive them to Chapel and up to the office and stuff!

Ashley said...

Ok doll - I'm tagging you on my blog so go take a look!

Lindsee said...

I am coveting that barbie car right now. I always wanted one when I was little!

SO fun. She will love her Aunt's for forever because of this!

Helen said...

That might be the coolest gift ever! Lucky girl! (Oh, and Ella's a lucky girl too. haha)

Jake said...

HEY! Also, I'm having to give up my dog because I dont have time for her. Its like being a single dad, except for the fact that if she were a child...I would have given her up a long time ago. KIDDING, I wouldnt give her up! Calm Down! I know youre doing you Janelle hyperventilate thing!

ANYWAY! Do yall want her? =) Shes really sweet and LOVES kids! Let me know, or if you know someone!

Love yall!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Ava got the very same Mustang! They need to cruise around together!

Becca said...

That Barbie Mustang is awesome!!! How fun!!

MamaCass said...

She looks so very happy! That's too funny that Ava got the same mustang.